10 Best Things To Learn From Your Dad!

“Dad wants to catch me before I fall but instead picks me up, dusts me off and lets me try again,” the little girl behind me at the bagel counter was sharing with her friend. The queue was moving at snail’s pace. Looking around all I could see was profiles of people with bent heads peeping into their screens but these two little girls were having fun with each other while their dads were lining up for their chocolate croissant.

“My mom screams with her hands on her heart and runs to grab me. I don’t want to try the ride again because it hurts her when I fall,” the other girl replied. “Yes, mine too,” the little one responded with a grim and understanding look.

The difference between moms and dads is remarkable. Both equally concerned and loving yet unique in their own way. How we lead our life depends on the lessons we have absorbed in our childhood days. I wondered why dads are the way they are and then realized the age old wisdom is true. We walk on the earth and gravity makes sure we are attached to it but without the distant yet all encompassing sky will survival be possible?

10 Best Things To Learn From Dads!

  1.  To believe in yourself the way he did.
  2. To not raise your voice but improve your argument.
  3. To never hit first but never come back home defeated.
  4. To value time; allow yourself to escape it’s race track and chill in the backyard with a glass of wine.
  5. To make friends with whom you can be yourself.
  6. To watch someone you love fall asleep in your arms.
  7. To hug like a bear. It is okay to express emotions and profess love openly.
  8. To do what it takes to fulfill responsibilities.
  9. To bloom where you are placed.
  10. To love like the sky, always around and yet liberating.

Memories of dad flashed in my mind in colorful pictures. He was the best friend I ever had. I didn’t realize that queue had shortened. I took my cinnamon bagel and walked towards my car when I turned one last time to look at the little girls behind me.

The girls were handed over their chocolate dripping warm croissants. Few drops fell on one of the little girl’s dress and she looked at her dad with anticipation. Her dad smiled wiped it from the back of his hands and licked the chocolate saying, “It’s okay sweetheart!” they both grinned and walked beside each other.

Dads are indeed imperfectly perfect. Enjoy the upcoming Father’s Day with our super cute and loving greetings. Express your gratitude to your papa bear.


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June 8, 2017
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June 9, 2017
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Father’s Day,
June 18, 2017
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