Let Them Fly And Soar High!

The aroma of sizzling burgers and the crackling anticipation of fireworks filled the air as we gathered to celebrate 4th of July at the farmhouse. My niece, Rachel, stood beside the bicycle, her bright eyes eager to try her gift. ‘Ready to learn how to ride, Rach?’ She nodded and clenched the handlebars a little too tightly. I could see she was a bit nervous. ‘Don’t worry, we’ve got you!’ I assured.

The next few minutes were a whirlwind of wobbly attempts and near misses. My sister, Liz, watched with a worried frown, her motherly instincts kicking in. ‘Just a little to the left, Rachel!’ or ‘Be careful!’ she’d call out, reaching out instinctively to steady the bike.

But with each intervention, Rachel’s nervousness grew. The tighter Liz’s grip on the situation became, the more tense Rachel got, her bike becoming more unsteady. Seeing this, I nudged Liz with a knowing smile.

‘Let her go, sis,’ I suggested gently. ‘Trust her to find her own balance.’

‘But what if she falls?’ she asked, her voice filled with concern.

‘She might,’ I assured her, ‘but that’s part of the learning. You’ve taught her. Now, the best way to support her is to take a step back and let her handle it.’

Liz hesitated, but eventually relaxed her hold. We watched as Rachel pushed off. There were wobbles and swerves, but she kept pedaling. We were there to lend a hand if she stumbled, but for the most part, she managed on her own.

Then, a surprise! The bike straightened, finding its rhythm. Rachel shouted with delight as she sailed across the grass. Liz watched in awe, a slow smile spreading across her face.

‘Thanks, Bob,’ Liz said, turning to me. ‘You were right. I was trying to be over cautious, but I needed to let her be free.’

I smiled and said, ‘Letting go can be hard, but the people we love grow the most when they are outside the shade of our protective tree. We can always be there to catch them if they stumble, but first, we must give them the chance to fly!’

Liz nodded and smiled back. ‘I realize that now, Bob. C’mon, let’s head back and see how the grill’s coming up. I’m sure Rachel will be fine,’ she said, grinning. I smiled knowingly as we made our way towards the barbecue.

Just like how a mama bird nudges her chicks out of the nest or a lioness lets her cubs go hunt solo, we need to let our young ones spread their wings and explore. Sure, it’s natural to want to protect them, but a little freedom does wonders for their growth. So, let your loved ones be free and cheer them on as they soar high!

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