Happiness Is Just A Laugh Away

Pushing open the door after our movie night, Aaliyah and I were greeted by a sweet surprise – a box of chocolate wafers and a note addressed to us. “Hey there guys, got this new gig at The Comedy Cellar! Wouldn’t want my cheerleaders to miss! Love, Jay.”  A smile stretched across both our faces.

Jay was my former colleague turned stand-up comedian. Despite starting a bit shaky, he managed to claim his fame in local comedy scenes with impressive speed.

I called up Jay to thank him for the gesture. “Hey, Jay! I just got your…”

My sentence was cut short by Jay’s usual infectious enthusiasm. “Hey Bob! How are you, buddy! You and Aaliyah are coming, right?”

“Absolutely! We wouldn’t miss it for the world, especially your big break! Congratulations, man!”

I could sense the joy in his voice as he responded, “That’s so kind of you! I honestly didn’t expect to land this huge gig so soon.”

“Remember those days when you had us in splits with your jokes at the office, Jay? I always knew you had this talent!”

He chuckled and said, “Thanks, Bob. But taking the leap felt crazy. It all started with that open mic night we went to on a whim. The rush of making people laugh, seeing their faces light up – it was addicting.”

I nodded in agreement. “There’s something truly amazing about how a well-placed joke can shift someone’s mood entirely.”

“Exactly!” he exclaimed. “I think a joke a day keeps the doctor away! Making people forget their troubles – that’s what I love about this.”

“We’re incredibly proud of you, Jay!” I declared.

“Thanks, Bob! Your support means a lot. Gotta go now, see you there!” said Jay.

With that, the call ended, and I turned to Aaliyah, “Looks like, we have plans for Joke Day!”

Aaliyah grinned, “I can’t wait! Jay’s jokes always crack me up. It’s going to be a blast!”

Laughter, truly, is a magic pill that has the power to lift our spirits, even in the face of challenges. So next time you’re feeling down, give it a try! Watch a comedy movie, attend a comedy show or just force a smile, let out a laugh – even if it feels a little fake at first. You might be surprised at the strength it brings you to tackle whatever life throws your way!

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