Aligning The Heart’s True Desires

The July flowers were blooming beautifully and were such a treat to the eyes in the morning! I was having a cup of coffee and waiting for Megan at our favorite breakfast joint. She had cut off from meet-ups and gatherings for a month now as she wanted that time just for herself. Finally, she has decided to step out and meet.

She came in and greeted me with a book and a note which read- “Thanks for being there and supporting my decision. Kudos to our friendship!” I smiled.

“So, how do you feel now? Did it help?” I asked.

“Oh yes, Bob! Totally! I feel a lot better. A month back things were going haywire. I was not able to figure things out. I needed this time off to understand what works and what doesn’t for me! And, here I am all charged up and ready to start again!” She replied.

Megan looked happy! It felt good to see her chirpy again right before Cheer Up Day.

“That’s great! I am glad that you took this call and ended up getting clarity.” I replied.

“All thanks to you, Bob for advising me to do this. Things had gone overwhelming and I felt exhausted after a point. That is when I knew that I had to be gentle with myself and take an off from everything barring the basics. Now, I have understood how to strike a balance and where I was going wrong!” She expressed.

“This practice always works wonders! It opens the door to connect to our inner selves and stay rooted in our authentic selves. We understand ourselves and that helps to align both our personal and professional goals,” I replied.

She agreed and said, “Absolutely! I have now aligned things in a way that will work better for me. Now let’s order! I am so hungry!” Then we ordered breakfast and continued with our banter!

It is important to take a break from the daily chaos when things get overwhelming. Spending those days alone to reflect helps to calm our minds. It helps to listen to our inner voice which often gets faint amidst all the noise outside. This practice guides us in the right direction and aligns us with our heart’s true desires.

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