Fly And Conquer- Don’t Stop!

Last evening Donna, Steve, Adrian and I were planning for the 4th of July. We will have a brunch and evening party at Adrian’s place. This time Aaliyah won’t be there because she has plans with her friends. She is going on a trip after a long time.

“You will miss Aaliyah a lot! And, so will we!” Expressed Steve.

“Oh yes, I will miss her a lot! I know how much she has been looking forward to this trip. She was hesitating at first. I assured her that even though I will miss her still she should go ahead with it. We should always be supportive of our partner’s choices which keep them happy,” I replied.

“Yes, that’s right. A lot of people feel compromised as they do not want to offend their partners by sharing what they really want!” Said Donna.

“Freedom is very important while being in a relationship! The 4th of July is here which emphasizes the importance of being independent and free. In a relationship, we must ensure that we have our individual spaces. It keeps both the individuals happy,” I expressed.

“Yes, that’s so true! Like I remember how tough it was explaining one of my exes that I needed my own space and time to introspect, grow, and enjoy!” Said Steve.

 “Often people forget that! A healthy relationship doesn’t tie us down. It keeps us rooted but doesn’t leave so many constraints,” I expressed.

“Yes, and following this mantra paves the way for a happy and healthy relationship,” Said Donna.

We all agreed! Then we ordered some food and got back to our planning.

Freedom is personal and precious! Being in a relationship should not take that away from you.  A partner who supports you will bring out the best in you by letting you enjoy your space. He or she will let you fly and conquer! That way the relationship will stay free-flowing and the spark will always stays alive.

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