What Brings Such A Wide Smile?

Yesterday I was taking a nap and when I got up I realized that I was late for the evening walk with Mrs. Bradley. I had overslept! Summeris here and both Mrs. Bradley and I go for evening walks together in her garden.

“Good evening, Mrs. Bradley! Sorry, I am late!” I said. “It’s alright, Bob. I took two rounds and loved spending this time alone while the beautiful breeze touched my face,” She replied.

There was a different glee in her eyes! “You look very happy! What is it? It’s not just the breeze!” I said.

She laughed and said, “Come let us complete a few rounds and then let me share it with you,” She replied.

We completed few rounds and then sat. Then after some time she got us ice tea. “Tell me now!” I said.

She smiled and said, “An old friend of mine is coming to meet me tomorrow. We had fallen out many years back but reconnected again. She apologized and wanted to start afresh! At first, I was hesitant but then I don’t believe in keeping hard feelings. Why hold onto the past? So, tomorrow I invited her for lunch,” She expressed.

“That’s wonderful! You did the right thing. Summeris here! It symbolizes happiness, growth, and freedom which we get by releasing the past. It teaches us to rise above the situation and look forward to the positive side! It’s a time to follow the innocence of our hearts and embrace joy and hope!” I replied.

“Absolutely, Bob! Tomorrow, I am looking forward to our good old banter along with laughter just like old times!” She said with a smile. Then we enjoyed the rest of the evening with ice tea.

Life is too short to hold onto any grudges. The best way is to sort things out, start afresh and look forward to living beautiful moments. It makes the soul genuinely happy! It is later when we look back, those moments become fond memories! And, that brings wide smiles to our faces!

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