Angels On Earth

My Dear Brothers, Sisters and Friends,

Festival time folks! I am real excited… Ask me why? Oh! It’s your mails and messages to me that’s full of love, that’s why! Here I am again to give you a good dose of smiles. Hop on.

Send All Angels Day Greetings!
Send All Angels Day Greetings!
All Angels Day[Sep 29]

Mrs. Bradley used to be biased in terms of her daily news consumption. She’d rather listen to the fake news of Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert rather than the Fox and CNN. But nowadays she is glued on to any real news she can get. Her son, Michael, is drafted and in Iraq and whenever there is a car bomb set off in Baghdad she shivers here. She’s proud of her son, alright, but she is a mom. She loves to talk about Mike to anyone, who would listen and especially to me. Trips to Grand Canyon with her son come to haunt her and goggle-eyed she shoots the stories to anyone, who’d care to listen. Her memories fill the void now and she waits for the day when he would return. This All Angels Day, I have decided to get together with my gang – Megan, Steve, Ron, and Kate complete with Kong and hit the Arizona treasure, the Grand Canyon, with Mrs. Bradley on our side. It may not be enough to ease her pain, but I am sure her angel, Mike, would appreciate the gesture.

Ask a Stupid Question Day [Sep 30]

Is there life after death? My colleague Dave asked.
“Well, there is.” I replied.
“Really?! Tell me more, Bob.” He asked me wide-eyed.
“Well, after office, I do live… You see!” I said.

That’s not the only stupid question he has posed all day. He is a man full of that. And on this Ask A Stupid Question Day, I am gonna make sure he gets a questionnaire full of that from me.

Send Ask a Stupid Question Day Greetings!
Send Ask a Stupid Question Day Greetings!

Send Pets Greetings!
Send Pets Greetings!

I’m gonna shower all my hugs ‘n cuddles on my favorite pooch, Kong today… No matter how naughty he is! How the fellow has grown over the years! I still remember when I first got him… You won’t believe this, he was the sweetest little pup ‘n was jus’ the size of my hand! But the more he grew up, the naughtier he became! He started with tearing up my daily paper to shreds! Then he learned to raid the kitchen ‘n fridge! In no time, he was digging up poor Mrs. Bradley’s garden ‘n driving us all nuts! But after he met his alter ego Pirate, I simply gave up on him! He’s picked up a few tricks from his buddy and is now the reigning champion of chewing in our neighborhood! And don’t even think ‘bout asking me how he learned to do somersaults, ‘coz I haven’t the foggiest idea! Hmmm… You must be wondering how I tolerate this jumpin’-barkin’ nightmare from hell. Well friends, let me tell you this… If anyone adored you as much as Kong loves me, you’d settle for all that naughtiness and much, much more!

Stay In Touch

Moment of Zen for the week is jus’ this:
‘Smile and the world smiles with you.’
Write to me happily and I’ll write back to you with utmost joy. Action evokes a reaction. Do remember that.
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Send Stay in Touch Greetings!
Send Stay in Touch Greetings!

Take care.

Editor, 123Greetings

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  1. Hi Bob, I would like to wish you a great Merry Christmas and a nice and great New Year. Lots of love, health and courage. Good luck in your crossroads!

  2. B., Such an uplifting newsletter. Thank you. I too, am at a crossroads and need guidance. So lots of praying these days.I do the rosary that has seeds as beads. I look to nature & God to help me through. I will include you, my friend, in my prayers.
    And do I have a funny Christmas tree decorating/lighting story for you. When I was a little girl,8 yrs. old, my family had gotten 2 Siamese cats just before Christmas from our apartment living Aunt in NYC. These cats had never lived in a house with a yard before. So the day we set up our tall 15 foot Xmas evergreen tree in our living room to decorate, these cats were like wide eyed kittens and curious about the tree and decorations. They sniffed the pine branches, toyed with the glass ornaments, chewed at the silver tinsel and chased after every string of lights we wound around the tree. When we finally hung the very last ornament on that tall tree, suddenly there was a loud horn honking outside on the street and our 2 new cats were so frightened that they ran right up the trunk of that Xmas tree to its tippity top, jossling every pine branch holding my mother’s German glass ornaments. So one by one, these precious ornaments came tumbling down, hitting the hardwood floor below and breaking into a million little pieces. And these scared cats remained at the top of that tree, meowing ever so loudly. We didn’t know how to get these critters down. So we looked outside to what made that loud honking noise and discovered it was Santa waving from a fire truck. Well, we ran outside and stopped the truck to ask Santa to help bring our cats down from our Xmas tree. Well, he did and we all got a good laugh after that. Was a story he said he would tell for all time. Hope this made you smile, B., as you have a great smile. Happy Christmas. love., L.

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