‘You Go, Girl!’

My Dear Brothers, Sisters and Friends,

I am here again, jus’ for you guys! I am feeling good today… Ask me why? Oh! Was reading your mails and messages for me that’s the reason why! Here I am again to give you a good dose of smiles. Hop on.

Send 'You Go, Girl' Day Greetings!
Send ‘You Go, Girl’ Day Greetings!
‘You Go, Girl’ Day [Oct 11]

Chocolate Éclair or Pudding, take a pick! Well, hard one right? Ask Kong; well, I don’t know if dogs can smile, but Kong almost manages one when I give him the choice! Yup, he devours the pudding and munches away the Éclair to glory. Megan almost beats him at his trade…. Yeah, she loves her coffee with the pudding (weirdo!!!) and the spill and speck on the floor is cleaned religiously by Kong. Well, at least they have worked out a mechanism to keep the house clean. Melt-in-your mouth puddings are our gang’s favorite and naturally we stack it up for all and sundry. Chocolate pudding is good for skating… Yup, you heard me right, our pet kitty, Spidey, doesn’t exactly love the taste of the pudding, but when spilled would love to have a slippery foothold on the spill and go room trotting skating all the way. You see, when there are puddings in the house, it’s always an eventful time, with Spidey skating, Kong awaiting a spill off Megan’s plate, and to top it all Megan’s weird choc ingesting sounds! And there is gonna be a day dedicated to her to do whatever she wants to do. Yes, you got that right. It’s ‘You Go, Girl’ Day. And Megan is grinning from ear to ear. No wonder. Sigh!

Send a Smile Day[Oct 7]

Here’s a typical exchange between me ‘n Steve after I’ve stumbled and fallen flat on my face trying to chart my way through the heaps of junk my geeky buddy’s collected in his room –
“Ouch !”
“Bless you…”
“Very funny ! Lend me a hand, will ya?”
“Don’t be a sissy. Get up yourself.”
“You should clear all this rubble, ya know? You can hide an elephant under these piles of debris!”
“Can’t hear you…”
“Jus’ look around, man. There’s loads of stuff lying all over, ‘n crammed on the walls too! How do you manage to find anything at all in this mess?”
“My sixth sense, dear… Enough preaching already, okay? Out you go!”

And I leave, frustrated in my efforts at ‘Operation Cleanup’ yet again. But this time it’s gonna be different! Ol’ Bob has hatched a foolproof plan with his gang. We’re goin’ to barge into Steve’s room this Send a Smile Day when he’s least expecting it, chuck him out on his behind, ‘n set things in order! Getting rid of all that trash is no mean feat, I tell ya! We’re getting ready for D-Day with our vacuum cleaners, dust cloths, brushes ‘n even a spade! Poor fellow doesn’t even know what’s gonna hit him! Well, since I’ve sworn everybody to secrecy, let Steve try ‘n figure this out with his fabled ‘sixth sense’! What say? But I am sure, we would have sent him a smile this way.

Send a Smile Day Greetings!
Send a Smile Day Greetings!

Send Love Greetings!
Send Love Greetings!

Hop in on my time machine ‘n I’ll tell you a story ‘bout how naughty I can be! Aaliyah came all dressed up and knocked my door in the evening; you know? It was one of her friend’s birthday and we were supposed to attend a party hosted by her ram-rod straight, punctual (ohmigod!) friends. And yours truly, after a binge beer session with Ron and Steve was sprawled, dividing the bed and the floor. Well, when I was back to my senses, she went, “Bob! You were supposed to be up and ready for dinner tonight tagging along a pretty lady… Whatz with this beer? You go bonkers when you hit the bottle?” And gritted her teeth. True to form, I cracked, “Well, beer doesn’t talk and definitely doesn’t shop.” Exactly, one black-eye rendering punch, two whacks, and three kicks later, I said, “Beer, doesn’t hit either!” Hmm… I should have looked a poor soul in that state… Well, well… Never miss a chance to make use of sympathy: I gave her my innocent half-smile and exaggerated my pain. Poor lady, didn’t have a choice, had to give me a peck and there you go, Bobby boy got the kiss he yearned for! Ain’t I a Casanova, guys? My experience aside, send the cards and prep your pals on how to sip the bubbly, but still sneak a kiss!


An Ideal wedding is between a blind girl and a deaf man!
‘Jokes apart… Love is what keeps a relationship going. It’s true for wedded life too. Aaliyah’s friend Angela was getting married and we wish them all the very best. It was a ceremony to behold… Beautiful!
Write to me happily and I’ll write back to you with utmost joy. Action evokes a reaction. Do remember that.
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Send Wedding Greetings!
Send Wedding Greetings!

Take care.

Editor, 123Greetings

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  1. Hi Bob, I would like to wish you a great Holiday Season and a nice New Year. Thanks for the weekly newsletters.

  2. B., Have a splendid New Year. A toast to you and your friends who all have brought me much happiness over the years. thank you, L.

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