Aren’t You Sweet?

My Dear Brothers, Sisters and Friends,

Beautiful week went by and an amazing week ahead beckons. Life is full of surprises and constant change. But not the love I have for you. That remains constant… Yesterday, today and always.

Give an ear to the stories that follow.

Send Sweetest Day Greetings!
Send Sweetest Day Greetings!
Sweetest Day[Oct 15]

Dog saving its visually impaired master by putting its foot forward and facing the brunt of a knife-armed petty thief; a soldier diving forward to saving his fellow marine from a speeding bullet, a secret service agent putting himself in danger in his bid to save the President and a mom holding an umbrella over her child’s head and walking in the rain…

Sweetest Day is made up of all these. Goodness in the hearts of these people makes this world a worthy place to live in.

Have you been as sweet as these people lately?

Boss’s Day[Oct 16]

We can love him, hate him, but never ignore him. Boss is such a character. You can say the choicest of words against this person. And you will be called a snob. If you wax eloquence about the same person, you will be called his ‘pet.’ There is no escaping judgment when you comment about your boss.

He, himself, is in a position that not many should envy. Being at the top can be quite lonely. No one to appraise him what the employees perceive about him and apprehensive about every decision he makes as each one of them could adversely affect careers and lives of his flock.

Such a character deserves a day to feel good about himself and that day is Boss’s Day. There are no bad bosses. There are bosses who are caught in bad circumstances. Give them a break and give them some respect today.

Send Boss's Day Greetings!
Send Boss’s Day Greetings!

Send Pets Greetings!
Send Pets Greetings!
Isn’t He Cute?

Every dog has its day. My buddy Kong has his way all day and every single day. He is the most pampered person in my whole family. Even my little niece isn’t given as much freedom as Kong has. He can get away with murder!
Well, what can we do without him anyway!

He does what he feels is right. He has his own way of identifying threats. He may mistake the good ol’ aunt, Beth, for a terrorist while he would give a friendly lick to a stray dog, who is intent on biting off a good amount of flesh from our family.
Whatever he does and whatever he does not do… Doesn’t matter. Because we love him to death.
Ask me why?
That’s because he loves us like crazy. He wakes us up with his coarse tongue on our cheeks and soft paws on our palms and his bushy mane on our neck. He takes care and so we care.
Isn’t He Cute?


Never put off something for tomorrow that you can do today.
Send a kind word or two to the one you care… Today. No one saw tomorrow. Send a flower or a card and let them know you care.
Write to me happily and I will write back to you with utmost joy. Action evokes a reaction. Do remember that.

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Send Flowers Greetings!
Send Flowers Greetings!

Take care.

Editor, 123Greetings

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  1. I love your write ups especially the inspirational colum. I was espeting to see quotes from other authors but u said yourself is your best inspirational instrument. That’s nie

  2. B., Hey, I simply am happy on being given another day to live. Life is a gift. It is wonderous! So I treasure it. L.

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