Hey, How Are You Doing?

My Dear Brothers, Sisters and Friends,

Amazing week went by and a beautiful week ahead beckons.

Holiday season is right around the corner and am super excited! There are too many anecdotes from the past that I remember and am sure there will be many interesting moments that will happen now, which I will share in the future.

Now, let’s start with our stories for the week. Hop on, people!

Send Say 'Hey' Day Greetings!
Send Say ‘Hey’ Day Greetings!
Say ‘Hey’ Day[Oct 25]

The other day, I was jus’ scrolling through my phone book and was amazed to know how many people were in there! I mean, there were hundreds! And I haven’t talked to almost 99% of them for ages.

And then, I wondered, how many of them have actually contacted me… The answer was again jus’ may be hardly 1% of them.

Time to do something about it… Opened 123Greetings and found a perfect card from Say ‘Hey’ Day section and sent a card out in bulk to every one of them.

It was jus’ a shout out with a warm message.

Felt better. You should try it too, you know.

Thank You!

Woke up in the morning and found my mail inbox jammed!

I had received almost 100 greeting cards. All those guys, whom I sent a greeting card to, had woken up from their slumber and have sent back a wide variety of cards back.

Some were thank you cards and some were friendship cards and there were stay in touch cards too.

Send Thank You Greetings!
Send Thank You Greetings!

Send Love Greetings!
Send Love Greetings!

One of the cards that I received of the lot was from Aaliyah. And it was a romantic card of course. The card was a simple one and the music was soothing. Her message was even more beautiful.

She had thanked me for the surprise and found my card very sweet. She had given me her love and hugs and asked me to carry the smile I sport right now all through the day.


There was one card in the midst of all, which I would cherish for life. That card was from my History teacher from school. I never had the nerve to give him a call, but when I bulk sent the cards, he also got one.
He had replied back and had written his message in complete sentence unlike the gadget spoiled phone texting generation.
He had thanked me for remembering him and had given me his blessings and wished me the best in life.
You know something… All I did was send a card.
And the outpouring of love and care from one and all was overwhelming.
I never knew I existed in these people’s thoughts. Now, I know.
A simple act of care was returned with bountiful of love.
Send me a caring comment too and I will give you more love than ever!

On the way out, do visit Editor Bob’s Blog (Mondays and Thursdays) and leave a comment there too. I would like that.

Send Inspirational Greetings!
Send Inspirational Greetings!

Take care.

Editor, 123Greetings

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4 thoughts on “Hey, How Are You Doing?

  1. Hi Bob, Great newsletter for the beginning of the year, where love, family,friends, and listening should come in handy everyday.

  2. hello my friend”can i call you my friend”if so well,thanks a lot for all your message,it’s really great to read you,i wish i could have all these inspiration as you do.i am from a tiny island in the indian ocean call”MAURITIUS”try to have a look on a world map,i don’t think you’ll find it,anyway you make me dream of all good things that we all human beings deserves in this world,once again,keep it on my friend and good luck for the future.

  3. I really like the realness of your newsletters. I can picture all your friends and you. Happy you have someone you dearly love and who loves you back! Keep em coming!
    One Love from Jamaica.

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