Fright Night is Here!

My Dear Brothers, Sisters and Friends,

The past week was one roller coaster ride for me! How was it for you folks?

Halloween is here! Yippee! The sweet fragrance of the holiday season is in the air. Before the Santa comes around, let the pumpkin faces go around.

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Send Halloween Greetings!
Halloween[Oct 31]

Fright nights are here!

Well, these days we can get all the horror and the fright from the newspapers and daily news itself, I guess. But they are horrific in nature. Halloween is fun.

And let’s keep it that way. I remember last time, Steve turned up prim and proper with a tuxedo, bow tie and combed hair for a corporate Halloween party and all his colleagues had their eyes hitting the roof. No one has seen him in anything other than a t-shirt, a pair of jeans and unruly hair.

Well, that was fun for a good reason.

Come close, got to tell you something… Aaliyah dressed up like a vampire. And looked like an angel.

She cannot look horrible even if she wants to. That’s a smitten dude speaking! Anyway, all said, Megan screamed and shrieked at all the costumes that walked by in the night. That’s ironic because she is a big fan of the Twilight series!


Birthdays are fun. On my niece Rachel’s birthday this week, we threw a party and all the tiny tots were invited. They were to put it mildly a… Riot!

They made a mess of the cake, graffiti, balloons, drinks, food and the house. Glasses were broken, dishwasher clogged, toys were strewn around, dances were interrupted with them falling over adults and a few yet-to-be toilet trained found our couch as a good place to relieve off their waste.

Not even one person turned their head in disgust, felt uncomfortable or raised a word. It was all in good fun… We’ll let the kids get away with anything. Love them so much. If there is no chaos what is a party?!

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I and Aaliyah sat through Titanic one more time. She watches the reruns religiously and I have to sit with her with a tub of popcorn whatever happens. And she will cry when Jack dies. Every single time. She told me she wishes in one of the reruns he survives.

I mean, she is all brainy and intellectual the rest of her life, but a movie gets her.
She can’t bear the thought of a lover in trouble even in celluloid. So cute, isn’t she?
World is a happy place because of people like her.

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  1. B.,Like your dog, Kong, I have a pet hamster who once he has received a treat or has spent time in the funhouse cage, waits for it every day after. I can’t do it every day, so I actually talk to him each and every day and explain why I am not able to give him treats and a trip to the funhouse. I say,”you know if you do it every day, it becomes dull, no fun. But if you do it once and a while, the fun continues…” xo, L.

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