Here’s A Hug!

My Dear Brothers, Sisters and Friends,

Life is full of surprises and the week that passed by was no exception. Quite a roller coaster of a week that was! I am expecting a pleasant journey into the holiday season, though. Hope you guys are up for the ride!

Let’s look at what we have on the menu of this newsletter… Hop on!

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Daylight Saving Time Ends [Nov 6]

Turn back the clock! Yup, it’s over! Daylight saving time ends today. Fun to have a time machine experience, right? It was indeed wonderful to play God for a while, turning the clock forward and back…

If only life was like that! If we could turn the clock to erase those embarrassing moments or relive those good times.

I have a few moments in my life, which I would like to go back and maybe, stay forever. I am sure you guys have your favorite ones… Tell me what they are. Let’s talk.

Hug a Bear Day [Nov 7]

I heard of this cute event from a friend of mine who is an avid loyalist. I sent a card to Aaliyah and then met up for a coffee.

She gave me a bone crushing hug and said… “Oh! Bob! You are my teddy bear and here is my hug for Hug a Bear Day! Happy?”

I smiled like a bunny, tooth out and dreamy eyes.

Thank you,!

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Send Anniversary Greetings!
Happy Anniversary!

“Bob, we should have these weekly anniversaries. We should celebrate our day of love every week, you know!” Aaliyah hit me with one of her novel ideas over dinner.

“Well, yeah, maybe… But you know what; we do not need to do what others do… We can enjoy that one important day of love every year!” I tried.

“Hmm… Maybe, you are right! Bob”.

Wow! She gave in so easily. Hard to believe. I should be getting good at this I thought.

Done with the dinner, we parted for the night and she gave me a peck on the cheek, whispered in my ears, “Happy Anniversary, Bob!” and walked away.

I stood like an idiot watching her walk. It was our anniversary, the yearly one, today. And I forgot.


Went running and stood in front of her. Then knelt down, fished a rose, from my trouser pocket, which I always carry for her when we meet, and held it to her, looked at her real sad and said, “I am sorry!” She stood there for a moment staring at me and then took the rose.

We walked quietly.

“We should celebrate weekly anniversaries… You see, then it will be easy to remember the day!” she said.

“Of course, sweetheart. Of course.” I said.

Hope you enjoyed my life’s little tidbits…

On the way out, I got to tell you this… It takes two hands to clap and applaud. It takes two to share love. It takes a word or two from you to make me happy.

Send me a caring comment! It would mean a lot to me.

On the way out, do visit Editor Bob’s Blog (Mondays and Thursdays) and leave a comment there too. I would like that.

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Take care.

Editor, 123Greetings

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