Appreciating Friendships from Editor Bob

Hello there,

Hope you’re doing well. You won’t believe what’s happening in the office. Steve’s planning a surprise party and we’re planning one for him and both of the parties are going to be on the same date! Donna’s going crazy planning the logistics and everyone is having a mid-summer madness. Go ahead, read on!

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  System Administrator Appreciation Day [Jul 25]

Administrators are the real unsung heroes in any office today. They hold great importance in the running of a business. They keep the network clutter-free and ensure that no malwares make their way into the system. They configure all the computers and terminals that are attached to the network. In our office, Steve is the head in this department and you know how indebted I am to him for being the support pillar for my computers and my own self.

So we at office have decided to come up with a small party of sorts to celebrate System Administrator Appreciation Day. The motive is to thank them for all the hard work that they put in throughout the year. They are side-tracked 364 days a year when they should be grabbing the headlines for all their continued dedication and perseverance. But the best part about them is that they don’t go around flaunting their contribution to anyone with ears. On the contrary I have noted that they are generally very quiet and humble. Let us all come together on this day to extend our appreciation to the System Administrators. Don’t forget that it is due to them that you are reading this newsletter!

Intern Appreciation Day [Jul 25]

People who have a scientific bent of mind are generally considered to be more logical than emotional, relying more on analysis than feelings. Steve is a geek, but he also has a soft emotional side and people at the office know that. He can always be relied upon to help out anyone in trouble, even if that requires him to go out of his way.

Would you believe that Steve is planning a small surprise for the two interns who work under him? Well, that is the case. Steve is mighty pleased with their work and wants to do something to make them feel special on Intern Appreciation Day. He took a few of his colleagues into confidence, including me of course, so that he can make them feel part of the organization as well.

He plans to get them some gifts, too. Isn’t that mighty nice of him? I am so proud of his gesture towards people who don’t really affect his interests in any way. He is totally unaware of the fact that we are planning a party for him as well. It will be a double bonanza at office on the 25th! Steve is busy making his own plans to say ‘Thank You’ to his interns. The meticulous person that he is, I’m sure his interns would be delighted. The surprise would be more in contrast because they have never known the soft side of Steve.

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  Adrian’s Love Connection

Remember Adrian and his doggie date? If you have missed out on that, read it here. Well, his date was set up after all! And it was entirely due to Kong and Kong’s charm that got Adrian his date! Confused about what you read? No it is not a mistake on my part! It so happened that the girl of Adrian’s interest was very impressed with Kong and his good behavior with strangers and stranger dogs. She heaped praises on Adrian for having trained Kong with a lot of dedication and efficiency! As a matter of fact, she went on to say that a person’s pet reflects the personality of the owner. So she was interested in Adrian and agreed to his request for a date! They are set for a date this weekend.

Well, if only I had listened to him earlier and took Kong to the dog park myself! It all comes down to luck I guess. Love won’t come across your way when you expect it to or when you want it to. It shows up when you don’t want it to happen to you. I have seen this with many people. When they are busy with their professional lives, they don’t give enough time and attention to their relationships. Relationships dry up like a plant that has not been watered. Then they complain that they are lonely and go around looking for love. What I would suggest is that if you are in a relationship, give it your best shot. Then, you won’t have to live with a regret if it falls apart.

Online Friendships

Online friendships are coming up in a huge way. My profiles on Facebook, Myspace, Hi5, Friendster, Bebo and Orkut have received a tremendous amount of interest recently. I love interacting with my friends on these social network sites. They help me to understand the pulse of my readers, what they like about my writing and what they don’t. If you are on any of the above social networks, you can send me an add request and I’ll add you up. That will give you the access to interact with me directly.

The mails that I receive from my readers across the globe give me a lot of faith and confidence. I am very thankful to them for their words of appreciation and suggestions to take my newsletters to the next level. However, due to the constraints of time, I am not able to answer everyone. So if you have not received a response from me, put it down to my inability to connect with everyone on a personal level. You are still my friend, as every reader of my newsletter is. Hope to see some of you on my profile as friends in the very near future!

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Happy weekend in advance!

Editor, 123Greetings

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17 thoughts on “Appreciating Friendships from Editor Bob

  1. Re: Intern Appreciation Day

    Steve sounds like a great guy. As a woman who is motivated by emotion over logic, I can’t help but wonder is there is a side to Steve the geek where no one has yet to peek. Imagine if he secretly wishes for the two interns who work under him to actually
    work over him? Perhaps the interns WILL feel
    MORE than part of the organization. What was intended to be a small surprise may indeed result in larger implications!

  2. The system adminstrators are really great people who make things work. I really appreciate them too. I am going to send the ecard to my system adminstrators too. Very good thoughts, Bob.

  3. Both Steve and you are very nice people who know how to appreciate others. I wish there are more people in the world like you both. Both of you deserve a good match.

  4. Bob,

    I enjoy your newsletter, but missed the inspirational quote at the end of this issue.

    Do we get 2 next week??


  5. Bob, Steve & 123greeting’s Crews,

    Thank you so much for your Newsletter.
    Really cheer up my day. Please keep on
    sending to me 🙂

    Happy working.

  6. Hi! Bob,
    At longlast I’m here to acknowledge and appreciate your persistance in keeping my ID safe and secure, despite my not caring to use it a few times or hardly at all. Still I appreciate your regularity in sending me these exciting stuff of amazing and musing cards, cartoons and pictures. Thanks a Trillion for all that you are and for whatever you are doing to millions of people. It sure makes people draw closer, and this world,a better place to live in.
    Above all I enjoy the way you openly and candidly share thrilling news with all of us. Do please continue; I enjoy all of it. Sorry if I failed to care in the past but I am certain I’ve realized that I ignored your courteous letters all these years and I apologize for the same. In my prayers, I extend God’s favour in abundance upon you,your family and team mates. God’s Blessings on you all, ever! Love and Best Wishes,

  7. Hi Bob,
    I missed your letters since June.Your every week’s inspiration makes me fully recharged in the next week.Thanx for your nice attempt.

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