Are You Having Fun?

When we enjoy our work, we perform better. We fall in love with what we do and it paves the way for growth and success. If we take stress then becomes burdensome. That’s where the new intern, Alex was going wrong! The day before yesterday Alex called me up to talk about a new project. Once we were done discussing, I could sense that he was stuck somewhere.

“All okay? You need some more clarity?” I asked.

“I have a lot to research and I don’t know how long it will take. I hope to meet the deadline for this and the rest of the projects. Oh God, it’s so exhausting!” he expressed.

“Alex, relax. Tell me something! Are you enjoying your days at work? Or is it just about thinking what lies next and then stressing?” I asked. There was a pause for some time.

“It’s the latter, Bob. Honestly, I am always thinking about how to meet deadlines!” He replied.

“See, here is where you are going wrong. Work is not about meeting deadlines. It’s about soaking in every bit of knowledge and at the same time having fun doing it. Otherwise, it will simply feel like a boring job. You won’t feel motivated enough!” I expressed.

“Then what should I do?” He asked.

“As they say, ‘More Expresso, less depresso, more caffeine less stressing’- so sip your coffee and learn to enjoy! Fun at Work Day is here!’ It reminds us of the importance of having fun at work. Make sure to take breaks, make your table colorful, bond with your co-workers, and fill yourself with that zeal,” I expressed.

“Phew! You are right! I should do that. That’s how work should be!” He said.

“Yes, do it and see. It will be so much fun and worth it!” I replied.

All work and no play will definitely make your days drab. Boost them with the little joys and have fun. You will see how you will look forward to meetings and brainstorming.

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