Looking Back At The Fond Memories This Month Of Love

It is the Month of Loveand I decided to greet Aaliyah with beautiful February Flowers in the morning. “Good morning, my love!” I said. “Bob, they are so pretty! This and your face has brightened up my day,” she replied. Then we decided to make breakfast.

“I will make you your favorite Avocado toast with tomato slices and sausages,” I said. “And, I will make pancakes with fresh sliced strawberries for you,” she replied.

When we sat to have our breakfast I could see that Aaliyah was smiling. “What happened?” I asked. “Bob, you remember the first time we decided to make breakfast for each other while we were dating initially?” She asked.

“Oh yes! In your apartment. I had burnt the bread and you had put so much extra cheese in the omelet,” I said and laughed. She laughed as well.

“We have come a long way since then. It took us months to perfect the art of cooking. However, that memory reminds me of something. It reminds me how genuine we were and still are! Till date it has always been the honest efforts that we have counted on,” she replied.

“Absolutely, my love. I also remember this one time how you had painted a vase for me but hesitated to gift me as the color had not blended properly. But, there it stands on our bed table for years now. You said it was not perfect, but to me, it is the most beautiful vase I have ever come across!” I replied.

Listening to this she blushed. Then we enjoyed our breakfast with coffee and watched a nice movie together. It was a great start to the Month of love!

Love is a magical feeling that makes us fall in love with imperfections. It lets us forgive honest mistakes and value genuine efforts. It paves the way for blossoming together by learning new things. It’s like growing together and then looking back to see how far one has traveled with his beloved. Sometimes the memories make us laugh and sometimes they make us feel proud to have come this far.

Do you have such funny and yet loving memories too? Share with me and let me know how you are celebrating the Month of Love!

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