Baked With Love

It was a beautiful evening! We were all at Kate’s place to celebrate her new journey. Her family including her niece were there too. Happiness multiplies when we celebrate it with our loved ones. Jane, her niece sang beautifully dedicating a song to her aunt while Adrian played the guitar. The whole evening was filled with banter, laughter, and great Mexican food that was served on the platter.

National Dessert and cookie month it is! That called for more celebration! Right after dinner, we all asked Kate where the cookies are.

“Here it is! I have baked cookies for you all,” Said Jane who came with a beautiful pink box full of assorted cookies.

“There you go! The little one is here with the cookies! Said Megan. After one bite we all were looking at each other. Everyone was amazed and surprised at the same time! The look on everyone’s eyes clearly stated that there was something special in these cookies!

“Jane, they are delicious! I love cookies and have had them from every place in the city and outside. Like you name it and I have had it! But, nothing beats these cookies!” Said Megan.

Adrian, Steve, Donna, and Aaliyah and the rest, all agreed and were curious to know what magical ingredient added this taste and flavor! Jane was all in smiles.

“Hey, Jane what is it the secret to your recipe?” I asked.

She kept the box of cookies and then looking at everyone she answered, “I baked them with love. My mother always says that when we add love to anything we do, it stands out and makes everyone happy. I knew that Aunt Kate and you all love cookies. I wanted you all to feel good and happy after having them as I love you all!”

There was silence in the room. All of us were stunned after hearing this. She quickly went and hugged her mom after saying this.

“You are right, Jane! When we add love it always brings out the flavor of more love and happiness. We all must always remember that! Thanks for reassuring this once again!” I replied.

The rest of the evening carried this sweetness and we all had a wonderful time together.

Love is a magical ingredient that turns everything sweet and memorable! Its innocence and purity always bring out the best outcome. When we pour our hearts out with the right intention, it always paves the way for happiness. So, always bake it with love as that will always give you and others the reason to cherish and smile. Happy cookie month to you all!

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