What Is More To This Halloween?

Trick or treat, it’s time to scare everyone! Halloween is here and we can’t keep calm. This time the celebration will be at our place. Ethan, Emily, and both the sons of Mrs. Bradley would be here too! Last evening we were all at my place planning out for this.

“So finally who is doing what?” Asked Adrian.

“Megan and Steve are taking care of the food and drinks, Aaliyah and Kate are in charge of the decor, Adrian and I are taking care of the music and games. Mrs. Bradley and Donna are going to take care of everyone’s dessert cravings,” I replied.

While I was making list of a few more things, I paused for a while. Laughter, shining eyes and happy gestures all around the room. Was it only Halloween that made everyone so happy? Or was there something more? I wondered!

Aaliyah came and sat beside me with a slice of pizza. “What happened?” What is it that you are thinking?” She asked.

“Look at everyone, Aaliyah. All our friends can’t hold onto that excitement. Is it Halloween or there is something else?” I replied.

“I feel everyone is genuinely happy because after a long time we would be enjoying together. No one is going to miss out!” She answered.

“Yes, you are right! I too felt that! This spirit of being together is what making it so special and vibrant. For the past two years we all have been scattered due to the pandemic. After ages, we all are going to be under the same roof,” I said.

“It is the same spirit of facing things together that kept us going and now making us win over this pandemic,” Aaliyah said with a smile. “Absolutely!” I replied.

“Hey, Bob and Aaliyah. Come here! Let’s take a break and play a card game,” Said Megan. The rest of the evening was filled with fun with games and some more planning.

Tough times get easier, while happy times get merrier when we have people to share them with. Everyday feels special and nothing less than a celebration when we are surrounded by our loved ones. And, the special days such as Halloween give us a chance to uphold this bond and cherish our loved ones more!

Let me know your plans. Happy Halloween, everyone!

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