Be Scared, Very Scared This Friday the 13th!

My Dear Brothers, Sisters and Friends,

Life has taken a beautiful turn and has thrown a sweet surprise on the curve. Well, it happens every week? No surprise is small and no shock is light. It’s the reaction to the act that exemplifies an occurrence or downplays one. With that beautiful thought let’s begin our weekly anecdotes. Isn’t it fun to visit the most important events that are to happen during the week and the kind of emotions we touch upon? It sure is fun for me and I really hope that you also have fun while I walk you through them.

Cheer Up Day [Jul 11]

What does a smile do?

It eases wrinkles.

It becomes infectious and produces another smile from another individual or many individuals.

It makes a sad occasion bearable.

It makes the face look beautiful.

What cheering up someone dear and near to you mean to them?

Secure in the thought there is someone who will stand up for them.

Relief from one dimensional bad and sad thoughts.

Cobwebs clearing up and thinking clearly now.

Positivity peeking through and the problem doesn’t look as bad as first thought.

That’s the power of a smile and a supporting cheering up gesture from a caring person. Make someone’s day bright by being there for them and sending a card.

Friday the 13th [Jul 13]

Friendship is not jus’ about cheering up, it is also about scaring the world out of your friend. And there is an auspicious occasion for that – Friday the 13th. You have the license to thrill and such a freedom wouldn’t be yours if not for the day.

Steve is scared to death and wouldn’t venture out in bright daylight on the 13th, forget the night. He would imagine voices in his head and would imagine creaking sounds of the doors where there are none.

You have to see it to believe it!

This guy is scared, listless and still would put up a brave front and try to look serious and focussed, but will come out looking scary!

Not a great company to be around on 13th, but he is a prankster’s dream! If you ever really want to scare someone and feel good about it, jus’ buzz me, I will put you through to Steve ?


You know what’s cute?

My sweet Kong snoozing on the bed with one leg of it on me.

My angel, Rachel eating a cake in haste from the refrigerator and having crumbs of them all over her face and not even noticing it.

Myself early in the morning when I look at the mirror ?

Cuteness is where your heart is. What you love looks cute.

No wonder love is blind!

What do you find cute, tell me now.

Thank You

Gratitude is not easily offered, but definitely expected. An elderly to a youngster looks for some reciprocation in turn for an act that’s of cash or kind nature. Even some philanthropists want an inspirational pat on the back and acknowledgment of the good deed. Nothing to be immodest or needy about this, it is something that has to be appreciated and encouraged.

One needs to say Thank You when the situation demands and not think of it as something that one should do only when you want something get done.

Thank you and sorry are two expressions that should never be wasted and should never be withheld when the right moment knocks.

Enjoy the week and look forward to an amazing weekend.

Take care,

Editor Bob

Friday the 13th 2015 [Nov 13]

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Send Friday the 13th Greetings!

Cute Cards

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Send Cute Greetings!

Thank You

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Send Thank You Greetings!

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