Parents – Give Them Their Due.

My Dear Brothers, Sisters and Friends,

Hard work killed nobody. Hardly working does. At least it kills the economy. So, I worked hard all week and am ready to party now with you guys. It is a kind of relief to be with you good folks and share the events of the week and some emotions. I find it relaxing. How do you feel? I would like to know how this newsletter helps you… Does it bring a smile? Does it remind you of the important days that otherwise you wouldn’t notice? Tell me all about it. Write me a line. And now, let’s take a stroll…

Monkey Day [Jul 21]

Let out the animal in you. They could be our ancestors as Darwin says or may be jus’ that they and we like doing the same things. We all love to monkey around a bit and today there is a good excuse to do jus’ that ‘coz it’s Monkey Day.

There is always a day celebrated for pure madness. And this is one such day. Jus’ let your hair down and go paint the town red. Within limits, of course.

You know the best thing one can do once in a while?

Be themselves.

Today is such a day to be that way and don’t waste a minute of this beautiful day. Share the thought and make someone smile.

Parent’s Day [Jul 22]

We forget them, don’t we?

Too much work. Too little time. New relationships that needs effort and time. Existing relationships are taken for granted.

People who don’t care for us are the ones we pursue and we happily leave behind the ones who yearn for our presence.

The only people in the world who wouldn’t judge us for what we do, but accept us for what we are.

The only two people in the world who can forgive any sin we commit and will feel the pain we feel.

They are our parents.

Today is a day celebrated in their honor and whatever you doing on this day, jus’ throw that in the bin and walk over to them and wish them a Happy Parent’s Day.

They deserve it. And it is good for your soul too.


I have seen some people treat their pets like royalty and then spoil their very nature. Yes, you got to love your pets, but that doesn’t mean you have to feed them heavy and make them couch potatoes. Do not dumb down these animals. They need to be fit and sharp. They like to be that way and they are good that way. Don’t feed them human habits.

Let them be.

Give love, but don’t reprogram them to be you. They don’t deserve that insult. They are far more intelligent and quite a lot more caring than us.

Pets are adorable when they are what they are. Do not tinker with their nature. Not worth it.


Here’s this week’s Zen moment:

Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do something.

Do not ever allow that.

You can do anything. Remember, the first man who did something new broke the myth that particular chore can’t be done.

You could break the next myth. Try and you can do it.

Take care,

Editor Bob

Parents’ Day 2016 [Jul 24]

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