Give Friendship Its Due!

My Dear Brothers, Sisters and Friends,

This week’s going to be one good journey. Two beautiful events are on the anvil and they celebrate three important people in our life. You don’t need to guess, I will jus’ take you on a stroll and show you who they are. Walk along.

Friendship Festival [Jul 25-28]

Don’t mess with my friends. Even Kong wouldn’t take it. If a stranger to the house even lifts a finger against one of my gang buddies Kong lets out a terrifying growl.

It so happened that some punks with no good intentions or work, took our trip during the Friendship Festival last year by teasing Megan while on the road. We ignored them and that provoked them royally.

They were ready for a slanging match and we too were not ready to give an inch. That is when out of the blue came Kong leaping over the picketed fence and landing bang on the right leg of one nasty rabble rouser.

He got what he deserved. Kong literally turned into his personal dressmaker and got his baggy jeans into a three-fourth!

And to jus’ spice things up Kong gave that poor guy a red eyed stare and a blood curling bark.

I have good two-legged friends and a four-legged cutie as a buddy!

Aunt & Uncle’s Day [Jul 26]

When parents are busy aunt and uncle take their place. That’s God’s design when he created those lovely aunts and uncles.

And aunts have this stupendous quality of cooking the exact dish that a niece or nephew likes. And they forgive every sin these dear ones commit and give them unconditional love.

Uncles are made for taking the kids fishing, recount colorful stories of valor from the past and basically, giving them an amazing time without being even a tiny bit strict. More like a grown-up friend.

It’s a good time to show some gratitude and a lot of love to them. It is after all Aunt & Uncle’s Day and that’s as good an excuse as any to do the right thing.


God created the universe and then groomed it right by punctuating it with flowers. What a wonderful thing He did!

If not for flowers we may not even know how important romance is. I believe we start to understand love and care from an early age at the sight of a flower. Something about it makes us want to handle it with care, admire it for a while and then pray that it lasts long.

That’s exactly what we do for romance too.

If this planet earth is the body of a giant organism then flowers are its emotions.

Such a wonderful bunch of flowers is what one needs at the beginning of a day or at night or maybe in the evening. That’s why people gift flowers and that is why we have floral greeting cards out here. Check them out and send them to the ones you care.

At Work

A day at work is worth ten weekends if you love what you are doing. Mules work. Happy employees jus’ show up to office to make themselves feel good.

An employer should provide a space that gives such a feel to the employee and the employee in turn should leave the boss at peace by alleviating any sense of insecurity by doing what he was recruited for in the first place.

Choose your profile carefully. Choose the one that fits you and not the one you would like to be. There is a difference.

Read between the lines.

Take care,

Editor Bob

Aunt & Uncle’s Day 2016 [Jul 26]

Send Aunt & Uncle’s Day Greetings!
Send Aunt & Uncle’s Day Greetings!


Send Floral Greetings!
Send Floral Greetings!

At Work

Send At Work Greetings!
Send At Work Greetings!

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