Three Important Relationships in Life!

My Dear Brothers, Sisters and Friends,

There are three important things in the world or rather three important relationships in this world. Without these three, life is incomplete for a man. Well those three are a girlfriend, a friend and a family to fall back on. This circle of relationships completes a man. And this week is unique from our newsletter perspective as we are covering all three of them. There are days to celebrate two of them and there is every day to celebrate one of them – family! Shall we take a stroll and learn more about them?

Girlfriend’s Day [Aug 1]

You are the first person whom I would like to talk to first thing in the morning…

You are the last person whom I would like to hear to last thing at night…

You are the only one whom I would like to think about all through the day…

And in my dreams, you are the one whom I would stare at until it lasts!

You remind of everything… Living and nonliving… A flower to a shrub, a tree to a skyscraper…

Everything reminds me of You.

You are the One for me, Aaliyah.

Well, that’s my little scribble for girlfriend Aaliyah on this special day.

These personalized gifts are the ones girls love. It doesn’t matter how much it costs or what it is, but what matters the most is if it is from your heart.

Friendship Day [Aug 5]

They weren’t born in the same family. They don’t have the same surname. They don’t share the same blood line. They didn’t even know each other for years from birth. Many of them are not even welcome in each other’s families. But they are friends who would lay down their life for each other. A peculiar relationship this friendship is.

God balances evil influences with angels called friends.

I really get sentimental when I talk about my friends. They are everything to me. And I am sure they are everything to you too. A friend with no pretences is a true friend. Believe me it is very rare to find such a friend. I happen to possess more than four of them and I am proud.

There are good days and bad days, but if you have a friend by you… You can live through any sort of day.

Wouldn’t you agree?


Friends matter. Your partner matters. But for your family no matter whom you are with or what you are doing or what you did, they still love you. No sin is big enough to forsake you. And even if they do, their tears will be shed for you. Whatever you manage to wreck in your life, never wreck the trust your family has for you.

Before doing anything wrong or sinful think of those angelic faces of your parents and others in your family who have mountain of hopes on you. You will stop yourself from doing anything heinous. Life is a beautiful place if you have a family to share it with.


Wake up with a smile. Greet everyone with a smile and make sure to say, ‘Have a great day!’

You know what that does?

It brings upon a smile in that person.

And you know what that leads to?

That person shares the smile with another and that becomes a viral reaction.

Yes. Love begets love. Smile begets smile and positivity. Your one smile can change the face of the whole place where you are, be it an office or home.

Smile. Have a great day!

Take care,

Editor Bob

Friendship Day 2016 [Aug 7]

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