What Are The Best Things In Your Life?


What is the essence of this life? What is it that we are constantly seeking? I often wonder and get stuck in the labyrinth of life with its twisted pathways. Who has the answer, philosophy, science or metascience?

I can’t really say that but I am a feeling person and I sense the world with what I can feel within. I give impetus to how I can make others feel as well. It matters to know that the best things in life are often beyond matter and are made up more of emotions.

I love charting lists, be it the bucket list or the grocery list.  Aaliyah often laughs at my checklists, she is a random-go-getter while I like to have a blueprint of my life but it is not just sufficient to have a perfect manifesto of life, we must also know how to live it.

As I sat with my journal in the backyard of my home, cuddling with my cat, I jotted down a list of all the best things in our lives which come freely and easily to us but can make a huge difference in the quality of our everyday life.

  1. Cuddles and hugs go a long way in filling our hearts with love and assurance. It is a perfect expression that can ease away your stress in an instant. Hugs produce oxytocin in our body. Oxytocin is the feel-good hormone which lowers the heart rate and the cortisol level in our body. Cortisol is the stress hormone. So what are you waiting for? Remember to hug someone today.
  2. Good friendship and having a heart to heart conversation with friends can lift your spirit and is definitely one of the best things of life. Pick up the phone and greet someone today.
  3. Animals fill you with unconditional affection. It is great to have them around, they bring in tons of positivity in life.
  4. Family and folks no matter whether they are harsh or mild, are our soul connect and we should always keep them close.
  5. A special someone to love you. It is good to give out love, but it is gratifying when it is returned. When you can smile at the mention of a name, that feeling is one of the best things in life.
  6. Being kind and empathetic is the best human virtue which needs to be nurtured with the number of good deeds that we gather along the way.
  7. Being able to give time to our health and way of living. Being aware of what is best for us is a gift.
  8. Reading some classic books that can enhance our personality and our life is very precious. It is like keeping the company of some of the finest minds in the world.
  9. Good sleep is another of my favorite things in the list of gifts bestowed upon us by the Lord.
  10. Faith in your heart is a treasure. Life is easy for a believer and challenging for a non-believer. Keep the torch of faith kindled in your heart and live well.

I am grateful as my list grows constantly. I would love to know what are the best things in your life.

See you in the comments.

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