Share A Smile Day!

I was rushing to the office on a Monday morning. As I entered the subway station most of the people looked hungover or bored. The Monday blues isn’t just a fad, I could say that for sure looking at the sulking faces around me. It is like life’s record has been set on a perpetual repeat mode and the first half of the song is a drag.

I sat across a woman who was insanely running her hand inside her tote fishing for something, it was after what seemed like forever that she fetched a tube of lipstick and smudged her lips into a bright shade of red. I thought to myself, “Was that enough to change the dull look in her eyes?” We got down at the same station and walked to the elevator. Once again she fetched a pocket mirror from her bag and rechecked herself. I couldn’t stop myself and asked her, “Important meeting?” She said, “It’s an interview.” I said, “Good luck! You look too confident, I am sure you are going to do really well.” She smiled and suddenly the traces of nervousness disappeared and she looked beautiful and younger. What cosmetics cannot do, a slight appreciation and a cheerful smile can do. International Women’s Day is coming up, greet all these special women who walk out of their comfort zones, who endure a lot of challenges and face the world with their chin up.

One day a man asked God to show him hell and heaven. God took him to a place where many people were sitting at a round table with a large pot of stew in the center. It smelled delicious but all the people looked famished as they held exceptionally long spoons which they couldn’t get to their mouths. The man said, “This must be hell.” Then God took him to a place where the same round table with a pot of stew was kept along with the same long spoons and yet the people seemed well fed, happy and contented. The man said, “I understand this is heaven but what’s the difference?” God said, “Here the people know how to feed each other.” The difference between hell and heaven is your attitude with which you see things and treat other people.

Monday should not be mundane rather it should be magical. Appreciate others and smile often. Have a great week!

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