Editor Bob’s Friend: Aaliyah

Aaliyah I am your friend Bob’s girlfriend and guardian angel.

My principle in life is “live and let live.”

I love all the simple things in life and am anything but ambitious. I love to party, but feel lost in a crowd. I love the way Bob loves me and I adore him. I have eased into the friends’ crowd of Bob and have become great friends with Megan, Steve, Kate, and of course Kong.

Bob can really go wild and free sometimes, and I try to make him stay grounded. For now, my life revolves around the most adorable friends in the world and through them I get to know each and everyday about you guys and gals who love us more than we asked for.

Be there and wish us well. I’ll make sure Bob doesn’t go haywire with his antics and allow him to share the fun we share between us with you.

Love you all.

How I Met Aaliyah


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