Celebrate The Spirit Of Inner Strength This Cinco de Mayo

Yesterday evening, all of us were at Donna’s place to plan for Cinco de Mayo. Guacamole, Salsa with tomatoes, Shrimp Ceviche, Cheesy chicken tostadas, Corn tortilla, Chocolate dipped Churros, and more – both Kate and Aaliyah are going to prepare the delicious Mexican menu.

Donna seemed a lot chirpier this time. I remember how down she had been owing to failed relationships and staying alone. Dealing with heartbreaks has been very painful. Added to that, staying away from Ethan and Emily made it worse. But, now it’s all getting better. She was her old happy self again.

“It’ good to see you like this!” I expressed.

“It’s all because of you and all my friends, Bob! I never thought I could come out of this. Just as you had said, I worked on self-healing. I gave all my attention to things that gave me joy. Slowly, I’m coming out more confident!” She replied.

“We are stronger than we think! Cinco de Mayo is symbolic of that. The victory of the small troop of the Mexican army over the larger French force at Puebla shows that we can win over any battle. When we don’t give up in our minds, victory is certain!” I expressed.

“Yes! Also, the best part is to see ourselves winning!” She replied and smiled. I nodded and then we joined the entire group for more planning.

Heartbreaks and challenges are a part of life. It’s important to embrace reality and slowly come out of it. Brooding over the past will only make us feel stuck. The trick lies in focusing our attention on the solutions for coming out of it. The real strength is in our minds – always remind yourself this! In the end, we come out much stronger and wiser!

Celebrate the spirit of inner strength this Cinco de Mayo!

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