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Christmas is just a week away! I’m sure you guys are preparing to have a great time this Christmas. Read in this edition how a little toddler makes his grandparents swell with pride, lovers uniting and thinking of going to the next level and a daughter showing the first streaks of rebellion. Join me…

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Send Christmas Carol Day Greetings!
Christmas Carol [Dec 19]

Little Andrew is making his grandparents very proud of him! Though you cannot really call her religious, Eleanor does believe strongly in the festivals. Her reason has more to do with humanity than anything else. Eleanor once told me, “I love to see people celebrate! That has more importance to me than why they are celebrating.” I didn’t understand back then what the reference was, but now I know. Christmas is not just visiting the church for her, it’s connecting with her family and friends and renewing the bond that they share with her.

This year she has more reasons to make merry. Andrew has been chosen to sing the Christmas carol in his playschool! He will be standing in the first row, so that’s another reason for her to be absolutely ecstatic. Frank joined her in the fanfare. I heard Eleanor say that Frank couldn’t wait for Christmas to listen to his grandson sing the carol. He had his fill over the phone. Eleanor was all praise for her talented grandson and Frank was reportedly billing him to be an American Idol in the very recent future! You cannot really argue logic with a doting grandpa, can you?

Christmas Tree Light [Dec 22]

Kate was losing hope with her long distance relationship with Henry. Long months of absolutely no meetings or dates were getting on her nerves. More so because Kate was having a tough time handling work pressure. Kate had several heated arguments with Henry. It’s not that Kate doesn’t understand that it is impossible for Henry to move from Iowa to New York City. It’s just that sometimes loneliness makes you say things that you didn’t really want to even think about. It’s just the way life is. Henry proved very considerate.

Henry promised Kate that he will be coming to New York for Christmas. He was willing to give up on his family time to be with her. This got Kate emotional. Kate was going through a lot of conflict because her work was preventing her from taking an extended leave and go home at Christmas. This offer from Henry was too good for her. Kate asked him lovingly, “And what are you going to do here?” Henry told her, “Celebrate the best Christmas of my life!” Kate shot back, “And what will you pray for?” His reply was, “I’ll pray to make this Christmas the first of many!”

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Moms Will be Moms!

I knew this will come up, what I didn’t know was that it would be this Christmas! Rachael is trying to keep up with the latest fashion trends, albeit with lots of help from Irina. Things were going fine until Rachael got this outfit which didn’t go down with her mom at all. Now Liz is not someone who would object to something that has to do with her daughter’s life. But when Liz decides to put her foot down, there’s no point to convince her to think otherwise. Rachael tried to reason her best but gave up finally!

Rachael turned to me for help. Now, to be honest, I can push it with Liz to only a certain extent. But I was always a little scared of my sister Liz when she decided to say no. I told Rachael that I would try to talk to Liz. I called Liz with a lot of hesitation, only because it was something to do with Rachael. I knew the answer, of course. After talking to Liz I called Rachael to tell her that her mom won’t allow her to wear that outfit. Rachael sounded disappointed but decided to take it in her stride. Really, moms will be moms!

Discordant Wedding Bells!

“I think it’s time to take the relationship to the next level,” began Kaitlin. I could imagine Rick’s face when he heard this, I didn’t need a descriptive account of the blend of surprise and shock on it! Kaitlin had raised the issue a couple of weeks after moving into their new home. Kaitlin feels that the time has come for them to tie the knot, maybe. They have been living together for some months now. Kaitlin feels that the time they needed to find out compatibility was over. Now they needed to take a decision about their future.

Rick being who he is, apparently froze when he heard her say that. Kaitlin confided to Megan that Rick took some full minutes to realize what Kaitlin was hinting at. Then he tried to tell Kaitlin that it was too early. Kaitlin told Megan that there was no doubt that despite being in the relationship for a couple of years now, Rick was still not sure Kaitlin was ‘the one’. “He’ll be one of those grooms who are not sure even when they walk to the altar!” is how Kaitlin expressed her feelings for Rick’s indecision. Things between them are strained again.

Here’s a lovely Christmas quote from Washington Irving: “Christmas is the season for kindling the fire of hospitality in the hall, the genial flame of charity in the heart.”

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  1. Just a note to let you know I really enjoying reading your newsletters! Enjoy the week as we head into a new year….all the best to you!!

  2. B. And a very Happy New Year to you, too. I look forward to your future newsletters. You are an amazing story teller. So glad the holiday parties went well for you and your friends and you saw sweet Sarah. The parties I went to were just plain fun and games. I hope to hold a party the end of January. Kinda of an after party when all parties, visiting, traveling are over with. As I do enjoy hearing what all my friends did during the holidays.
    And a real affirmative on love stimulating creativity. I feel like I am soaring in the skies when I am in love and creative thoughts and projects are flying from my finger tips. All around me people, places, things feel more alive, intriguing. Ideas rush to me and I don’t feel as though I have enough minutes in the day to do it all. But I am confident it all will get done eventually. I love to be in love. It is wonderous!
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  3. B. I am looking forward to reading about your holiday fest with Sarah. I am so happy she called you and you both got together. As you two deserve to see each other.
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