Merry X-mas, Winter Kids, Something Special

Hi friends,

Wish you all a very happy Christmas! Find out what we are doing for Christmas this year. An office party that can go wrong, a sort of house-warming party doubling up as Christmas get together, a family meets up for Christmas and something special waiting to happen for me this festive season! Join me…

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Merry Christmas [Dec 25]

At Christmas this year, we will have a party at the office! Now office Christmas parties are a great idea, but they go very wrong sometimes! Ryan, the techie who’s expectantly the live wire of any party that he attends, told us with an almost filled up bottle in hand (he was on his numerous unnecessary trips to fill it up!), “Well pals, I was at this Christmas party once and got sloshed and did all sorts of crazy things! My superiors were never happy with me after that night! Heck, it was a Christmas party, was it not?” We nodded in approval, anything else would result in useful time wasted in arguing it out.

But I kept thinking about it. I have heard of incidents when employees really let go at Christmas and other parties, only to realize the extent of the damage next morning. Anyway, Ryan’s scary story went down the garbage pile soon. We are busy making plans to do up our office for the Christmas. I’m also attending the Christmas party at Rick and Kaitlin’s place. This is the first time I’ll be vising their new nest. Hopefully all our friends will be there. Irina and Kate will come down with their boyfriends, there’s Megan, myself, Adrian and his girlfriend, Cathy. I wish all of you could join me, too!

Kids At Winter [Dec 21 – Mar 19]

Ethan and Emily, Donna’s teenage children, want to go out to the sea this Christmas on a camping trip with their school friends. Donna was a little hesitant initially because she is not used to the idea of letting them go without any sort of supervision. Donna had what she thought was a bright idea. Donna suggested, “How would it be if I turned up with a friend and kept an eye on you from a distance?” The idea was received with a big thumbs down! Donna turned up at work that morning with her forehead in a frown that wouldn’t crease out.

I asked her what the matter was. As Donna was telling me what happened, we were joined by Steve. When we heard her out, he spoke first, “Well, you see, you have to let them be. They are very fine kids and it’s normal that they would want to hang out in winter. And without you!” Donna tried to stay something in protest. Steve continued, “However you may want, Donna, you can’t really protect them from everything, can you?” The question hit home. Donna smiled and shook her head. Donna reached out her hand, gave Steve’s arm a light squeeze and mouthed, “Thank you!”

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Something Special

I remember some of you writing about what happened to that girl I met online, Sarah. It’s not that she disappeared from my newsletters, it’s just that I had not heard from her in a few weeks. I finally got a call from her a couple of days back. I have been thinking about her on and off. Sarah asked if I was free after work. I replied in the assertive and we met at Starbucks in the southern part of the city. Sarah wore a beige overcoat and looked absolutely stunning with absolutely no makeup. It was a very interesting time that I had with her.

Sarah could speak at length on almost every topic, be it Michelle Obama’s rare fashion faux pass or the nuclear deal! It was very impressive to know someone who was so well aware of the world around her. We talked without a glance at the watch and suddenly we found that it was very late. We walked together for a couple of blocks to get her a cab. Sarah rubbed her palms frequently to keep them warm and the exhaled fog lit up by stray street lights made her look ethereal. I asked her if she can meet me at Christmas. Sarah made a gesture that said, “Will call!” I hope she agrees!

Family Holiday

What’s Christmas without time spent with your family? Mike, Eleanor’s son is back in town with his wife Lisa and of course, their son, Andrew. This is Frank’s first Christmas with the family and he’s very excited about this! He’s got something special tailored for the occasion. Eleanor wanted the family to go out and buy stuff together. The idea was to do something together. Frank has put up a Christmas tree for his grandson. They were out looking for lights and other decorations to be hang on the tree.

Besides, Eleanor has arranged for them to have a nice time watching movies. Mike has got some DVDs that they can watch together. Adrian was very excited by Mike’s DVD collection. I think he plans to borrow some! The point is that this wonderful family is having a warm time this winter. I miss my own family back in Pasadena. I wish I could go home to wish my folks and be with them. I guess it’s not the time when we think of what we don’t have. Let’s think of what we have! And I have all my friends here and all you incredible people out there! That’s Christmas for me!

Here’s a lovely Christmas quote from Harlan Miller: “I wish we could put up some of the Christmas spirit in jars and open a jar of it every month.” Nothing complicated, just a simple way to express what we all feel at this time of the year!

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Send Christmas Family Greetings!

Merry Christmas!

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  1. Hey B. Taking Megan’s example, I want to thank you for writng the newsletters. You keep them coming and I will continue to be your number one reader. Also, I am so happy to hear that you and Sarah met up and had a dance around your pad. How simply romantic. Though you mentioned that you had two left feet (me too- though I love to dance-I can’t keep a beat to save my life)your telling of it all was so gracefully told. In the lovers’ minds they see themselves swirling, whirling around, dancing on clouds. I make a bow to you and Sarah, L.

  2. Hi Bob,
    I thought you hit a big jackpot or something. I haven’t heard from you since last year. 🙂
    I miss all your newsletters. Love reading them all with all. Please keep them coming and a BIG THANK YOU for keeping us up-to-date with all that is going on around u and us.
    Here is wishing you a very Happy Easter!
    Best wishes,

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