Communication Is The Key To A Happy Relationship

We were all at Megan’s place enjoying the Sunday evening with good food and drinks. Aaliyah and Steve were giving ideas for new games and it was so much fun playing each one of them. While we were all engrossed in it, I saw Adrian and May were a little quiet. Adrian looked disturbed and after a while was standing on the balcony.

I went up to him. “What happened?” I asked.

“May and I fought over a petty issue. I mean seriously Bob, how can little things become so big? I don’t understand! I will let it be for now,” He said.

“No, Adrian! That’s not the right approach. In order to make a relationship strong you need to communicate well! What might look small to you may be of great concern to her. You can’t shrug it off like this!” I replied.

“So what should I do? Apologize to her even if I am not wrong to make it fine?” He asked.

“No, communication doesn’t mean you have to apologize. It means to listen to her perspective and share yours too. This will help the two of you to know each other better. Both will have a new outlook. Being a good listener while at the same time voicing out your issues is what makes it a lot easier!” I replied.

“I know but when we fight it just gets so difficult to talk!” He replied.

“It’s the challenging times when you should love, communicate and stick by each other more. Go now, and talk to her! Don’t keep it inside as that can lead to misunderstandings,” I said.

“Alright! Let me go and talk to her!” He said and went to May. After half an hour it was all fine between the two of them and all of us continued to enjoy the night.

“You were right, Bob! After talking to her I saw where she was coming from. From now on, I will be better at communicating and sorting whenever we have a fight!” Said Adrian while we were leaving Megan’s place.

“I am glad! Do that, always!” I replied with a smile and then we left.

Communication is the key to a healthy and long-lasting relationship. It makes the bond strong and leaves no room for misunderstandings by keeping things transparent. It helps you to grow both individually and together with your partner. So, communicate well and have a great time with your beloved!

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