Let Go Of The Old Limiting Beliefs This Autumn

The rustThe rustic hue, the dry leaves – autumn is here in Big Apple. Steve and I had gone for a run in the morning. We sat on a bench after completing few rounds. “You know Bob, work out feels good! I never thought I could wake up early and do this but I did and all thanks to you!” He said.

“See you did it! It was just a mental block! Now, similar to this I think you should take your friend’s proposal of mentoring the students in his institution. Go for it!” I replied.

“What? No, Bob! These two things are completely different. I honestly don’t feel that I can guide students. I have never thought that way or seen myself doing that,” He replied.

“Well, it is the same. All it takes is to work on the limiting beliefs that hold us back and make us settle with a one-track mind. Don’t let that happen! When you challenged your old belief of being all lazy and reluctant, you were able to come for a run in the morning and feel good. It’s the same for mentorship too. Don’t refuse without giving it a shot,” I suggested.

There was silence for a few seconds. Then he looked at me and asked, “Are you sure I should give it a try?”

“Yes, Steve! I have seen how much knowledge and expertise you have. It maybe something new and completely different but I think you will be great at guiding others!” I replied.

“Alright! I will tell him that I am in!” He replied with a smile and then we got up and went to our favorite breakfast joint.

Just like autumn is the season that lets go of the old that prevents new beginnings, we too must let go of the old beliefs that hold us back. Such limiting beliefs that are rooted in the subconscious mind can both elevate or degrade us. We must identify and challenge them to make it aspirational. Only then can we pave the way for new possibilities, victories, and happiness!

Give new things that come your way a try and see what wonders you can do!

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