Let’s Always Celebrate The Journey

Aaliyah and I were at Liz’s place last weekend where we having a nice family time. On that day Liz surprised us with pleasant news. She took us to one corner of the living room where some beautiful glass paintings were kept. “Wow! They are so pretty!” Expressed Aaliyah.

“It’s good to see you finally getting back to painting! But, what are these bubble wraps and brown papers doing here?” I asked. She looked at both of us and said, “I am starting an online artwork business with one of my school friends. Knowing how much I love art, my friend encouraged me to join her team and I agreed!”

“That’s great news! Congratulations!” Expressed Aaliyah. “I couldn’t be happier! This is going to be great!” I said.

There was a pause and Liz’s became quiet. “What happened? What’s wrong?” I asked.

“As much as I am thrilled to be on board with them and enjoy doing it, I don’t know if it’s ever going to run well. What if this small online venture fails?” She asked.

“Liz! You love art and giving it a shot is what should matter at this point. Sukkot is here that symbolizes the importance of right actions to receive the desired results. At the same time, it also signifies the importance of faith that we are guided throughout our journey by the almighty! So for now simply enjoy doing the work and leave the rest!” I replied.

“Yes! You are right, Bob! I should not be anxious about the outcome!” She agreed.

“Yes! Reaching the destination is like a bonus. The real joy lies in the journey and one must have faith to be successful!” I said.

“Yes, Bob! I will do that!” She replied and that weekend we had a wonderful time cooking and binge-watching our favorite shows. We also helped Liz with packaging some paintings.

What is the hype about achieving success without experiencing the journey? There are high chances that you won’t enjoy success unless you enjoy the pathway to that! It’s the little steps each day that take us closer to success. Whether we make it or not, let’s always celebrate the journey!

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