Uplift Your Spirit With The Little Things

Last evening Aaliyah and I were having a nice time watching some old episodes of our favorite show and enjoying honey mug cake baked especially on the occasion of  honey month. The doorbell rang and it was Kate. She looked a little disturbed and after getting inside, she threw herself on the couch.

“What happened?” I asked. “Is everything alright?” Asked Aaliyah.

“I don’t know why things are not falling in place. I have been trying to balance work and personal life, but I feel so exhausted. At times when things don’t go my way, I get so irritated!” She replied.

I understood what Kate was going through. At times we get so busy at making things perfect that we forget to live. We often don’t realize that life is not about that alone. It is also about enjoying the little pleasures and feeling every moment. That’s where she was going wrong!

“Okay! So Kate, when was the last time you randomly looked at a nice flower and enjoyed its beauty? Or gave yourself some time off to read your favorite poem once again? When was it that you designed another new outfit for yourself?” I threw these questions at her.

“I don’t remember! It has been quite some time now! I don’t get time for such things!” She replied.

“Then make time for them! September Flowers is here to uplift your spirits. You need to enjoy the little things around you to make your life vibrant each day. Life is not about stressing to make things fall into place. Neither is it about aiming for perfection always. It’s living each day like it’s your last!” I replied.

“You are right, Bob! I can see where I am going wrong. I am stressing too much these days. I should feel every moment and live each day!” She replied.

“Yes do that and see! You will feel good and your cribbing will disappear!” I replied.

Meanwhile, Aaliyah got ice tea for us with burgers and we enjoyed the rest of the evening, all cheerful and happy!

When you are in high spirits you give out that vibe. You start attracting the bright and colorful things which are around you. That paves the way for positivity and happiness in your life. So, it’s time to stop cribbing! Take action to enjoy the little pleasures that make every moment of life wonderful!

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