Incorporating The Right Virtues This Labor Day

Aaliyah and I always evaluate ourselves at regular intervals. This helps to know what we have learned from our experiences. It’s a healthy practice that we follow to motivate each other for more success. That’s how we play a role in each other’s professional growth. It was one such evening! We were both standing on the balcony enjoying the last few days of summer breeze before autumn sets in this year.

While I was happy to have set up a new team at work, Aaliyah was rejoicing the onset of new verticals in her magazine. Along with it we were celebrating the essence of Rosh Hashanah with frothy cold coffee, muffins, and cheesecake.

“Bob, according to you what is the most important thing while starting something completely new at work?” She asked.

I thought for a while and then answered. “According to me, it has to be a nice blend of strong determination and consistency. The first will ensure to burn the fire in us to keep us working hard. The latter is important to pave the way for step by step success and understanding that success is not an overnight thing!” I expressed.

“Yes! You are right!” She replied and nodded.

“What do you think?” I asked.

“I feel hard work and a positive approach can be a game-changer! Hard work leaves no room for failure as we leave no stones unturned and overcome every challenge. The positive approach helps to not give up even when things look grim. It’s like telling our minds that we can win and make sure of that by staying motivated with that attitude,” She replied.

“So true! Absolutely!” I agreed and nodded.

“I am glad that we look up to such virtues to succeed each day!” Expressed Aaliyah.

“Yes, my love! And, I am glad that we grow together this way!” I replied. She smiled and then we continued the rest of the evening watching a new movie.

Right before Labor Day, having this talk felt good. Upholding the achievements of the workers who have contributed to the well-being of our land with strong determination, consistency, hard work, and a positive approach is a real celebration of this day!

Let’s incorporate such essence in our work and never give up! Happy Labor Day!

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