What Is The Trick To Cherish The Journey?

Last Friday all we were there at Megan’s place enjoying the evening with tacos, fried fish chips, great cocktails, and good. Few minutes before when we were about to leave, Megan came with a long tray.

“Guys, Waffle Day is here! And, I tried my hands on making some for you guys! I want honest feedback from everyone!” Expressed Megan.

When she served the waffles, I saw a puzzled look on Steve and Adrian’s faces. “What is it?” I asked. They both looked at me and then Steve replied, “Megan is not someone who will try cooking something new. Knowing that culinary skills don’t appeal to her. I am sure there is something that she is hiding!” I too felt that too so I asked her.

“Tell us the reason, will you?” I asked.

Megan laughed and then looking at all of us she replied, “Okay! You all know me too well. So, I was extremely worked up with my new assignments. My days were all about clients and pitch meetings. It went well yet I felt something was missing. I spoke to Bob a few weeks back about it. He pointed out that I was not giving self-reward to myself. Which now I know is very important!”

“Self-Reward? What is it, Bob?” Asked Adrian.

“Well, it’s a way to reward yourself after achieving little goals. It can be anything like treating yourself on Eat Outside Day, or buying yourself that new flavor of coffee! It can also be as simple as giving yourself a little praise after accomplishing a small thing!” I replied.

“How does that help?” Asked Steve.

“Self-rewarding evokes a positive emotion from within and our mind realizes that efforts yield to a nice reward. Our brain starts linking accomplishing a task to pleasure and we feel motivated to complete it and not give up midway! It boosts our performance and consistency!” I replied.

“Yes! That’s what has happened to me too! I regularly reward myself now. Now, I am enjoying my client meetings and presentations a lot more and feel like working harder each day! This evening plan with something new on the menu was a way to boost myself.” Expressed Megan.

“Wow! That’s a nice way to trick our minds and get the work done!” Expressed Adrian. We all laughed at this and then continued enjoying the waffles.

Self-reward promotes a ‘feel good feeling’ within us. It paves the way for success while at the same time letting us cherish and enjoy the journey!

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