Who’s That True Angel In Your Life?

Modern-day angels don’t come with wings and halo. It can be anyone who makes us smile in the middle of a bad day. Someone who puts a check on us to see if we are doing fine. Their presence fills our life with happiness and imbibing their kind spirit makes us become an angel ourselves.

Be An Angel Day is here! Last evening Aaliyah and I were sitting on the couch and wondering who the true angels in our lives are turning our lives beautiful each day! We had to name one. Aaliyah went first.

“I don’t even have to think! It’s Mrs. Bradley for me. Be it her wave in the morning from the garden or her sudden surprises with cookies or her musical evenings- she has always showered love and warmth. She has been a reason for our smile on rainy days. She has made our stay worth cherishing,” She replied with a smile.

I nodded as I agreed. Mrs. Bradley has always been an angel.

“What about you, Bob?” Asked Aaliyah.

“For me it’s Kong! He has been the one to light up our apartment with his loyalty and enthusiasm. His innocence has always restored my trust and faith in unconditional love. His four paws feel like the best touch after a long day! He makes home a happier place!” I replied.

“Yes! Kong is the best! We are incomplete without him!” Said, Aaliyah.

Kong probably heard all the praise so he came running for a belly rub. Both Aaliyah and I laughed and then got into baking some cookies for Mrs. Bradley to give her on this Be An Angel Day! As for Kong, we are planning to take him out to his favorite pet café on this weekend.

Who is the one that makes you feel better and smile a little wider? The one who captivates you with their warmth and affection is surely an angel! It’s time to imbibe the same and be an angel to them. Make them feel special with surprises or an act of gratitude and let them know how much they mean to you!

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