Keep It Real This Romance Awareness Month

Steve was here at our place all excited to go on a date with this girl that he likes. He wants to give it a shot after many years of staying single. “Bob, do I look good? How long do I have before finally, it starts? And, these flowers, are they nice for my first date?” He asked.

Steve was feeling nervous with all the butterflies inside him. “Steve, relax! It’s a date that is going to span out beautifully. Why are you not at ease?” I asked. “It’s just that I want things to be perfect today! I want to make her feel special,” He replied.

“Sit here! It is Romance Awareness Month and I want you to know the true essence of dates. I understand that she means a lot to you but it’s more important to make your date real than perfect. Let things be spontaneous. It’s important to be real you to know her better. By going overboard with perfection you might lose out on the essence of being honest!” I expressed.

“But, isn’t that what we all do on our first date?” He asked. “Yes, but it is one thing to make someone feel special and it’s another to feel like you are under some performance pressure to give your best! The real connect is what is going to keep it going!” I replied.

“Yes, you are right! This way I might end up making it too staged and uptight for both of us and I would not want that!” He replied.

“Exactly! So let the date take its sweet course with your chemistry and conversation!” I replied.

“Thanks, Bob! I will do that!” He replied and winked at me before leaving.

The foundation of a relationship should be based on honesty. The real purpose of dates is beyond flowers, good ambiance, and food. It’s also about knowing each other better and embracing the person how he or she is without any added filters! Romance to your heart’s content but don’t forget to keep it real!

Happy Romance Awareness Month to you all!

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