Four Reasons To Smile A Little More

Last evening, Adrian, Donna, and I were out. Throughout the drive, Donna kept on complaining about how terrible her week had been. She was not in the right mood and finally smiled when I played her favorite song.

“You should stop being so grumpy all the time and smile more often. It’s free and a lot easier than a frown!” I expressed. Adrian laughed out loud at this!

“Really? You two!” She said. “I am serious. What you don’t believe me? Smile month it is! Let me tell you why you should forget everything and smile a little more every day,” I said and shared with her these four reasons:

  • Improved Mood and Health- Smiling helps to release endorphins or the body’s natural ‘feel-good chemical’ and that makes us feel a lot more positive and happy throughout the day. That, in turn, keeps a healthy balance and improves our overall health and mental well-being.
  • Attract Better Opportunities- Smiling gives us an air of confidence and that reflects in our personality. We stay in alignment with our desires and make the right choices and attract the right people or opportunities for us.
  • Establishes Better Relationships- “Everyone smiles in the same language.”- George Carlin. Smile is a universal language that keeps us all united. It helps to build an unshakeable bond that may turn into a relationship of a lifetime!
  • It’s Contagious- Smile creates a ripple effect by spreading the curve on others faces too. It is contagious in a good way! It brightens the day and fills everyone around with hope and optimism. Overall, a smile makes the world such a better place to live in!

“Now you see why you should smile a little more?” I asked and stopped the car.

“Well, yes! Thank you so much, Bob! I have understood that a smile is the best medicine to live a little happier every day,” replied Donna.

“Well, now that she is convinced, let us get down and take away our pizza!” Suggested Adrian.

“Yes, let’s do that!” I replied and we had a spent a nice evening together.

Smile a little more and see how you start living each moment! Happy Smile Month, everyone!

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