Did You Forget Something?

My Dear Brothers, Sisters and Friends,

When hate comes in knocking at the door, love goes out of the window. But when love comes in knocking at the door, then happiness opens the door. Here I am knocking your doors with love, open it with joy and smiles. I am spreading joy to you for one simple reason… And that is because you shower me with love and adulation with your comments and feedbacks. I love hearing from you and wish you continue to enjoy the greeting card experience we offer. That said, let’s go on a stroll and take a peek what’s in store this week.

I Forgot Day [Jul 2]

What was I saying? Was I talking about something important that’s there this week?

Did I?

Now, don’t blame me for not remembering… You see, there is this beautiful and strategically devised event called I Forgot Day and that’s the reason I am going blank.

You forgot your girlfriend’s birthday? Did you miss an appointment for dinner with a friend? Did you miss a deadline at office?

What else? Whatever be your shortcoming this week, blame it on this event and send a card too jus’ in case.

How convenient a event this is. Wish there was one every week, don’t you think?


Oops! I forgot… Again!


I don’t know about other events, but birthdays happen every day. Somebody is born every single day. That said, not everyone is Mrs. Bradley. She is an angel neighbor. She knows how to tend the flowers and how to make me mend my ways too.

She mothers me a lot and I like it. She is a simple person with principles. She takes care of my gang and we are indebted to her.

We wouldn’t know how a cake is baked if not for her. Even on her birthday she made it a point to bake her own cake and we were all present from morning to evening to wish her and taste those yummy cakes.

Had a wonderful time. Birthdays bring happiness and this one’s extra special.


Kong loves birthdays too. He loves all that a birthday brings. He can jump around with the kids who are there in plenty on such occasions. He loves the food. It is not the usual meal he gets and he has a thing for variety.

And mostly because with a hat on, he becomes the center of attraction. That’s what he loves most.

Jus’ like me, he needs an audience… Always! He gets that too unlike me.

He does his tricks and tries to be extra cute and smart and wins over everyone with his charm.

Quite an old hat when it comes to charming his way through. And if any of the guests happen to bring their poodles along then our Kong is the Man! He shows his macho side and behaves like quite a gentleman.

Oh! He is adorable.


Union of two hearts and souls. Beautiful dresses and a whiff of romance in the air. Beautiful occasion to attend for the relatives and friends while the moment of their lives for the bride and the groom.

I love weddings as I had told you umpteen times already.

I still get excited attending a wedding and not jus’ for the sumptuous meal and drink and dance but also for the beauty of the occasion.

It always makes make me tear up when they say ‘I Do’ and I let out a low whistle of joy when they kiss.

Groom always looks goofy in a wedding and the bride always looks like an angel.

That’s the way it is. Accept it guys!

Time to take leave from you for a week…

Till then, take care.

Editor Bob.


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