Say Hello To A Scintillating Summer!

My Dear Brothers, Sisters and Friends,

I am totally exhausted and feeling cheerful at the same time. That’s what happens if you have things happening for you in your life. And what’s the most happening part about a joyful life? Having good blokes all around you to share smiles with. Well, I have got a few whom I can count on as good blokes and I have got you all… How about you?

That said, let’s set sail for the week’s highlights on a joyful ride… Wanna tag along?

Summer [Jun 20 – Sep 21]

Feeling a bit tanned already. Feeling the sun on my face and all the cobwebs of the night past is gone and I feel fresh and raring to go. Dew drops are nowhere to be seen, but only the smiling flowers. The grass on the ground looks greener and there is a glow of orange and yellow everywhere I see. It looks like the world has lit up and the kids are everywhere.

Well, it’s summer time folks! I am not staying indoors in the day anymore. No more couches for me. My couch for the season is the grass and I am going to stroll and hit the beach as often as I can.

I wish you do too. Nature in full bloom paints a pretty picture and if you have the blessing of a vision make sure you watch what it has to offer.

Rose Month [June]

Talking about the flowers, how can one forget the Queen of them all. She is the envy of every woman out there.

However much they try, they can never beat her in the beauty department. She has a thin stalk, a handful of thorns, fragile petals shaped to enchant and she smiles when the sun shines.

She looks beautiful with dew drops on and she looks pretty when the twilight hits. She looks amazing in the middle of the day and when she dies, she adorns our book as a bookmark.

The most beautiful flower in the world with ignorance and innocence atop of a thorny stem is the torch bearer of romance all over the world. She is gifted to all women to denote love from their male stalkers.

All you guys get your girls the Queen of flowers, Ms. Rose to spice up your romance.


Kong loves the outdoors. You all know that. He is in for a little romance himself. He has a thing for the pretty little poodle next door at Bradley’s and is staying outside way lot than the usual. I let him be. You see, he decides his abode in this house. No one dictates to him. He likes it that way.

He has been working on his Frisbee catching skills and is getting better in full view of his romantic interest across the gate. Men will be men!

I make it a point to walk him in the evening and I stop by Ms. Bradley’s for a lengthier chat to give Kong quality time to spend with his new date.

I love playing second fiddle to him and he is enjoying it to the hilt.


How do you wake up in the morning?

Yawning or smiling? Well, smiling should be the way or a serene face would do. No wrinkles or frowning stretching the facial creases please.

Do you want to have a beautiful day ahead? Start with a serene or smiling face. It infects. Yes. It infects people with cheerfulness. And that in turn keeps you positive all through the day. Problems stare at you like a game puzzle and not as an emotional challenge. If you keep your smile then solutions will be simple.

Good day!

Take care,

Editor Bob

Rose Month 2016 [June]

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