Give Dad What He Deserves – A Whole Lot of Love!

My Dear Friends, Brothers and Sisters,

All through the year, we celebrate occasions and emotions as per the calendar and the religions we follow. And then there are days which are celebrated for the special people in our life like our father and mother. Today, we are going to celebrate one of those two important people – Dad. It is going to be a poignant journey where I will share the emotions I have for the dads’ of the world, what they are offered and what they deserve.

Father’s Day [Jun 17]

He works. He is strict. He is goofy. He watches the game all night as if his life depends on it. He will not ask for directions. He will not be as emotional as a mom, but all these are not flaws but character traits of an underrated human being and he is a dad!

He usually doesn’t get his due. Even when the children at last understand that they have to reciprocate their love to their parents they usually stop first at the mom’s door not the old man’s! He is okay with that. He lets her bask in the glory and proudly stands beside. He is the pillar around which the family is built and he is quite ignorant about that. He has a sense of duty and he believes he needs no rewards. Guess what? He does need a reward or at least a kind word. Wish him on Father’s Day and make him feel special.

From Daddy’s Girl [Jun 17]

Girls know best. They make the best decisions and there is a reason for it. They are mature than men in almost all respects. They are prudent in their actions and perfect in their judgment and that’s the reason you will find them closer to their dads much more than young guys. They understand the man who provides for them and they reciprocate their love by being their dad’s pampered daughter.

It is a sweet relationship and the one that is completely one sided. They can get away with the biggest of crimes if they are their daddy’s girl!

On such a day, girls believe it’s an important day for an important man in their life. If you are a daddy’s girl it’s time you opened a special greeting card from out stable and send it across to the man who deserve a smile.

Special Dad [Jun 17]

Every dad is special but there is one special dad that I would like to talk about. He is this guy whom I met in the church. He speaks slowly but is agile in thoughts. He runs a shelter for kids who do not have a home to go to or parents to live with. He is their dad and the relationship they share is better than any blood relationship that I know of.

He is a man of peace and he is not known to many. He doesn’t ask for anything. Jus’ gives.

I am going to meet him on Father’s Day with a bunch of flowers. If anybody really deserves to be wished on this special day then it is this special dad.

Husband [Jun 17]

She knows how tired he is. She knows how caring he is. She knows what makes him happy – herself and her kids.

That is all he wants in life. A wife knows her husband better than the husband himself. She knows what a part he plays in the relationship and how good a father he is.

That’s why on this day she will surprise him with gifts galore and a sweet greeting card.
If you are that ‘she’ you got to wish your husband on this special day!

And while you are at it, why don’t you sneak a kiss too? Ask me why? There is a dedicated day for that too and in close proximity to Father’s Day. Talk about a double treat, huh?!

To rhyme with Father’s Day there is another special day around the corner and that’sFlag Day! The day we can feel patriotic and have fun too. Don’t you miss out on saluting the flag while having a whale of a time!

We talked about husband, wife, daughter… Did we miss someone? Ah! The friend! We forgot friendship didn’t we? Here’s a day to celebrate him – A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed Day!

Now, we have talked about anything and everything, I would like to top it all with a smile. Yes, Smile Power Day rounds off the celebrations for the week!

Have a good time and take care.

Take care,

Editor Bob

Father’s Day 2016 [Jun 19]

Send Father’s Day Greetings!
Send Father’s Day Greetings!

Father’s Day 2016 [Jun 19]

Send Father’s Day Greetings!

Father’s Day 2016 [Jun 19]

Send Father’s Day Greetings!
Send Father’s Day Greetings!

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