Celebrate Friendship And Profess Your Love!

My Dear Friends, Brothers and Sisters,

Smile. Yes, that’s what I want you to do before you even start reading this newsletter from me. The real purpose of writing to you every week is to make you smile. That is the only thing that I have in mind when I sit down to talk to you. It is a beautiful chore, which I love and I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing to you.

That being said, let’s move on to today’s list of events and emotions.

Best Friends Day [Jun 8]

What do you get when you multiply care with love and then subtract negativity, add some positivity?


That’s the emotional mathematics I know. I have specific friends who do specific jobs to keep me going. There is Megan who can be this pillar of support and encouragement. She can listen to my trials and tribulations all night long while Steve is an epitome of positivity. He would make a gigantic task seem trivial and would give such pep talk that I would be encouraged to run in a presidential race.

Then there is Aaliyah, who jus’ gives me love. Oh! Well, that is enough though. It kind of makes me forget everything else. Quite a good anesthetic that one.

What will my life be without friends… On second thoughts, what will any individual’s life be in this world without friends?

Profess Your Love Day [Jun 9]

What happens if you save a million dollars in your bank account, but never take a penny out of it to spend on yourself?

What happens if you do not move your bowels early in the morning… How do you think you will feel at the end of the day?

What happens if your apartment is on fire and you call up 911 and don’t say anything?

Well, if you don’t do any of those things, your life will be not the same… Things will get worse.

It’s the same thing with emotions too. To love is good. But to profess your love is mandatory. It is the door that opens for another heart to come in.

Why delay the feeling of love?

That’s why there is a day to profess your love. Go for it.


There is a day for friendship and there is a day to profess love, but everyday is a birthday for someone or another. That is what makes every single day special.

It is a celebration for someone or another in this world and each day in the calendar holds a special place for this individual or the other. A boring Wednesday would be a rocking birthday for a friend of yours and taxing Monday could be a birthday of a little angel like my niece, Rachel.

I love birthdays. They change the color of a Monday from blue to fiery red!

Birthdays are fun and they become even more special if you happen to send a greeting card! Try it.


Moment of Zen for you:

No one got rich working 9 to 5.

Do not look at your job as a chore. Give that something extra no one ever does. You will feel special. You will be noted as a special one.

Don’t do the same mundane things, dare to be different. Don’t seek inspiration, but be one.

You will be remembered.

Take care,

Editor Bob

Profess Your Love Day 2016 [Jun 9]

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Send Profess Your Love Day Greetings!


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Send Birthday Greetings!


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