Double The Joy This Mother’s Day!

Music… Check! New curtains… Check! The new lamp… Yes! Check! Right in place! Last evening, I made sure everything was in order. My joy has no bounds! Mother’s Day is here and this time my mom will be here with us! We will be celebrating it together in Big Apple.

Yes, you heard that right! After so many years we would be spending a nice long time together. Ever since Dad lost his eyesight partially, she hardly visited us. This time Liz will be there with Dad to take care of him along with our neighbors and I still can’t believe that Mom will be here!

“Did you get her chain? It was supposed to be ready by the afternoon!” I asked Aaliyah.

“Yes, Bob! Here it is!” She replied opening the beautiful velvet box.

“Wow! Beautiful! Mom would love this!” I expressed and Aaliyah smiled.

Then she got us coffee and asked, “Bob, why don’t we celebrate with Mrs. Bradley too? I mean she is a mother too for us over here! So, what say?”

I was overjoyed to hear this! Then giving an admired look to Aaliyah I said, “That is a great idea! Love how thoughtful you are! Let’s do it this time with our two mothers!” She smiled.

“Okay, well then! Finish the coffee before it gets cold. We have to get a nice gift for Mrs. Bradley!” She said.

“Oh yes!” I said and then after finishing the coffee we left to buy Mrs. Bradley’s gift.

Mothers are the biggest blessings of the almighty! They are the reason we see the light of this world. An epitome of strength, grit, and perseverance they always want us to get the best in life! They also bring out the best in us. No wonder they deserve the world at their feet! Making them feel special with all our love things they cherish is the least we can do. So, don’t forget to make it extra memorable for her on Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the loving mothers!

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