Online Romance Led To Our Fairy-tale!

Yesterday Aaliyah and I were up a little early. We went out for a walk and while we were heading back, we saw that the May flowers were blooming beautifully in Mrs. Bradley’s garden. As we went in, I saw Aaliyah blush a little.

“What happened?” I asked. “Bob, are you getting old? You don’t remember?” She asked. I thought for a while but then gave up. “I can’t recall,” I said.

“It’s Online Romance Week!” She said. “Oh yes, how can I forget? It’s how our love story began after we connected through the net! Today it’s very common for Cupid to strike online but back then we did not connect over dating apps!” I expressed.

“That’s so true! I too had my own inhibitions, but after I met you it felt right. All thanks to your wooing, I was so impressed and finally decided to meet!” She said with a wink!

“Oh yes, and I remember how smitten I was when I had seen you on our first date,” I said.

“I liked how transparent you were when you talked about your broken marriage. You took time to open up and show your vulnerable side, but I was glad that you did. You were seeking an honest and real foundation, and so was I!” She said.

“I was so happy that you had embraced this broken and vulnerable guy at that time. How you had supported me in my journey to bounce back again with all your love,” I expressed.

She smiled and I’m not lying one bit, she was still blushing.

“It was our honesty and real efforts that stood the test of time. And, today we are here! Completing 15 years of companionship!” She said.

I agreed and hugged her! I was absorbing the moment – happy and grateful that life had given me a second chance for love.

“Should I make you Italian breakfast?” She asked. “No, let us make it together,” I said and then we got busy cooking breakfast.

What started as an online romance is now our fairy-tale! It takes time to overcome our inhibitions and build trust. Honesty, transparency, and genuine efforts are the foundations of a relationship. It’s important to know each other well and give an effort. And then with time and let the relationship evolve. Love happens in mysterious ways and in the most unexpected places! Who knows just like ours your online romance could lead the way to a fairy-tale!

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