You Are Strong – Remember!

Last evening I was enjoying the magic hour moment of the summer sky in Big Apple and walking. I had a long day so I thought of treating myself to my favorite brownie and iced mocha. I got inside the cafe that was nearby my house.

As I was placing the order, I heard someone asking me, “How have you been, Sir?” I turned and saw that it was Sandra. A regular employee of the cafe who sits at the counter. She had her hand bandaged. There was a cut mark on the right side of the forehead.

“Hey, Sandra! Where were you? I came here a few times but you were not here! And, what is all this? What happened?” I asked.

“I am good Sir! As you can see I have this (showing her hand) and this scar. I met with a terrible accident one evening while returning. I had to be rushed to the hospital and was critical and grim. But, I knew that I was strong and did whatever the doctors had suggested! So, I am here now. All happy to be back and serve you all!” She said with a bright smile.

“Can you work now? You don’t look completely fine!” I expressed.

“I am better but will take time to heal. At home, my cousin is taking care of me. And here, all thanks to my coworkers, they help me every now and then so that I can keep up with the pace. I can’t give up. I have to pay the bills for my daughter and myself you see! I had to be up soon!” She said.

“Good to see you back, Sandra! Take care! I will pray for your speedy recovery!” I said and sat on my chair.

As I was having my coffee, all I thought was that the world turns out to be such a better place when it is flooded with compassion and kindness.

At critical times, we should remind ourselves how strong we are. Sandra’s story is a reminder for all of us. No matter how tough the times are, we should never give up fighting. The more the challenges, the more the fight! The inner strength is power! We can win over every obstacle.

I got up to leave. But, before that. I kept a brownie and a latte on her desk at the counter with a note that read: “You inspired me today! Hope this coffee and brownie will make you smile just like how you bring a smile to others’ faces!”

I looked back and saw her read the note and smile. I smiled back. Inspired and walking out with a good feeling, I returned home.

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