Live – The Clock Is Ticking!

I was out for a walk with Kong. While coming back I got myself muffins and caramel-flavored cookies for Kong. Just when I was about to enter the house, I saw Alan sitting quietly in Mrs. Bradley’s garden.

“Hey, Alan! Want to have a game night?” I asked.

“No, I’m good! I will be here, Bob,” He replied.

I felt that something was wrong! I let Kong loose in the garden for some time and sat beside him. “What’s the matter? You want to share?” I asked.

“I had plans to be out with my friends this weekend. I was looking forward to the trek. I just got a message that the two of them can’t make it. One has a work urgency and the other has to rush to a sudden family gathering! I’m so upset now!” He said.

“I understand that you had your plans. But, certain external things like these are not in our control. So, why don’t you go alone?” I asked.

“I can but I have never traveled solo! While it might be exciting, I am having inhibitions and mixed feelings! I don’t know if I can enjoy the same way!” He said.

“You will love it! The main purpose is to enjoy the trek and soak in the serenity of the mountains. World Environment Day is here too! It’s the best time to be amidst the breathtaking beauty of nature. You should not miss it! The clock is ticking, so it’s better to always do things that keep us happy and give us the best experience,” I replied.

He thought for a while and was silent. Then with a smile, he said, “You are right, Bob! Life is too short to depend on others to enjoy! I will go for the trek alone,” he replied.

“Besides, there will be people. You will make a lot of new friends in that group,” I expressed. He nodded and then after feeling a little better, he agreed to join me for a game.

We do look forward to spending time with our friends and close ones. However, if they can’t make it then what do we do? Should we sit back and feel bad? Should we cancel and crib? No way! Sing the song alone, go to places that scare you, look forward to adventures- live life fully! It is for you to enjoy! Be your bud! Life is too short to let go of amazing opportunities that will pave the way for an experience of a lifetime!

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