Come Out Of That Scarcity Mindset

When we face unfavorable scenarios, we often get into a zone of negative thinking. While feeling bad is natural, staying attached to it makes us fall into that loop. This is where we get stuck.

Last night we were at Adrian’s place. We were there to celebrate Rose Month and have a double date together. May was preparing Italian cuisine. Aaliyah was helping her out. Adrian and I were talking on the balcony. His phone rang! He saw the call and ignored it. After a few moments, it rang again.

“Oh, I don’t want to take this call. I’m sure it won’t be in my favor!” He expressed with disgust.

“What happened? Why are you not taking the call?” I asked.

“I had asked a friend of mine to refer me to a client. I’m sure he wasn’t able to. I never get things easy. I always get ‘no’ for an answer. I’m sick and tired of it!” He replied.

“But, he might be calling you to say that he did it for you. I understand that you are upset about things not being smooth but don’t have this negative and scarcity mentality. If you are radiating the energy of lack then you are manifesting that in your reality. You will attract it more no matter how much effort you put in!” I said.

“So what should I do? I feel this way!” He expressed.

“It may be difficult but the first step would be to think and be optimistic! Believe and feel that everything is working in your favor. You already have it! Secondly, stop taking things to your heart! Move on when things don’t work out, focus on what’s next!” I suggested.

“I believe you are right! It’s my wrong thoughts that are holding me back. I should work on it and start being more optimistic!” He replied.

“That’s like it! Do that, you will start feeling the change!” I said.

“Come boys! Dinner is ready!” Said May and Aaliyah. Then the four of us had a nice Italian dinner.

Our thoughts are powerful! They create our reality. We attract what we think. While feeling bad is natural but letting that lead to perennial negative thinking is not right. If you lack something then focus your thoughts on being abundant. Work at it! Be and feel optimistic.

Believe, ask, do, and receive! Come out of that scarcity mindset! Only then you will see the change.

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