May You Be Blessed With…

Last evening I was enjoying countryside music and making dinner. While I was sautéing the veggies, all of a sudden I got reminded of the days when Dad and I used to cook on weekends.

“Are you ready to champ? Come let’s cook some lip-smacking grilled chicken and pasta for us.

Your mom shouldn’t complain, so let’s do the job well!” He used to say after putting on his apron.

I was always excited about this! Cooking with Dad while he shared so many stories felt great. Father’s Day is here! I was missing my hero! I decided to give him a call after wrapping up cooking.

His phone rang and then I could hear an answer, “Bob, I was just thinking of you! So, what did you make for dinner tonight?” He asked. I was shocked. How did he know?

“Well, yes I did cook! But, how did you know?” I asked in my shocked voice.

“Well call it telepathy or a father’s heart, I simply knew it! He replied.

I told him what I had cooked and then as my eyes grew moist I told him in a low voice, “I miss you, Dad. Even till date whenever I feel helpless I always close my eyes and wonder how would you have reacted and dealt with the scenario. Then, I take the decision! You are and will always be my hero, forever!” I expressed.

“I miss you too, my son! And, know that you have been the best son one could ask for!” He replied. Both of us got emotional and continued talking. We had so much to share and didn’t realize when an hour passed by.

“Now go and have your food before it gets cold!” He said. “Yes, I will! Happy Father’s Day, Dad! I hope you will like the gift that will be reaching tomorrow!” I said.

“Thank you, Bob! I’m sure I will love it!” He said and then we hung up!

The conversation with Dad is always therapeutic and brimming with emotions. It is a mix of wisdom, laughter, and some new perspectives! It’s fascinating to see how even at this age with partial eyesight, my dad still has the same zeal and optimism. I learn from him each day! But, how did he know that I was cooking? Is it telepathy or a father’s heart – I still don’t know! What do you think? Tell me!

Also, let me know your fond memories with your dad! Happy Father’s Day to all the amazing dads!

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