Editor Bob says, “Hey!”

Hey friends,

How have you been lately? There’s so much going on around me that I could hardly catch my breath these days. I mean, it’s the middle of October already and before you know it, ghouls and gremlins will be coming out. Any of you following the elections lately? It seems to me that this would be the most exciting election yet! I know my friends Irina and Fred are really having fun, and their enthusiasm is really infectious!

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  Say ‘Hey’ Day [Oct 25]

Guess who I saw this morning when I got out to take Kong for a walk? The new love birds on the block–Mrs. Bradley and Frank! They were up early, before Frank’s shift started, to attend to Mrs. Bradley’s garden. As soon as they saw me, they greeted me almost in unison: “Hey Bob!” Then they looked at each other and let out small chuckles. Since Mrs. Bradley wanted to be ready for winter, she’s moving some of her best roses to Frank’s greenhouse in his backyard.

“Wow, Frank has a greenhouse?” I asked, realizing that I know very little of this man-o-mystery. Mrs. Bradley said, “Ya, since he lives in Queens, he has a backyard and a greenhouse with a nursery for young plants and all… there’s a lot of things that he does beside being a butcher.” I can see the twinkle in her eyes as she spoke about him. “Ya, Bob, you should visit my place some time, it’s not as cozy as your elegant neighbor’s place but it’s functional,” said Frank. Not surprisingly, they both seem to be wearing the same smile.

So I told him, “I’ll take you up on that offer Frank. I’d love to see what you can do for greenery in this concrete jungle…” before I could finish, Kong was urging me and dragging me towards the park. “See ya later, folks!” I yelled out and left the two love birds. They were done with the rose garden for the day when I got back. I’m glad things are working out for the two of them.

Diwali [Oct 28]

Talk about blossoming friendships, I’m seeing more and more of Berka these days. I’m learning a lot about her family background and culture. Her family is originally from India until her mom and dad went to England and finally migrated to New York back in the 70s. She has an older sister who is in Chicago doing her Ph.D. She’s been hanging out with Megan at my place over the weekends. Usually Adrian and Seth are there too. The guys are busy playing Dungeons and Dragons or watching guy flicks while Megan and Berka are busy coming up with new fusion food, or cooking Indian curries. Megan wanted to practice her culinary skills while Berka plays sous-chef slash food historian. I contribute to this whole ‘learning experience’ by donating my palate and stomach.

Overall, I don’t really have any complaints, neither does Adrian or Seth for that matter. Sometimes Rick and Kaitlin would show up with wine or port. Have you ever had Indian food with port? It is the most delicious thing ever! I love having food and listening to Berka talk about its origin and history. I find it really fascinating that some dishes we order for takeout without thinking twice have so much of history behind them. Well, that and I love listening to Berka talk with her slight accent from across the pond.

Anyway, Berka has been inducted into the gang of friends really well. She has a way with people and everyone loves her! She’s invited all of us to the Indian Festival of Light or what is known as Diwali. Her family lives in the Jackson Heights area and we’ve all been invited to check out what’s going on. I’m really excited to meet her parents actually, and since the whole gang is going, I’m not that intimidated. I think under normal circumstances I’d be shy especially when the whole family seems to have Ph.Ds or they’re teaching somewhere or the other. I’m just a SoCal guy who is a writer ya know? Anyway, I’ll keep you posted on how things go. I’m really looking forward to it and I think it’ll be really fun!

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  All for Love!

Last week I told you about our small-town gal Kate trying to become a cosmo gal. She’s been taking all the lessons from Irina. Kate is trying really hard to fit into the life that she might be leading when she’s Mrs. Jeffrey. Jeffrey has been very supportive of Kate in this effort of hers to match up to the hi-society life that Jeffrey’s parents are part of. He has also put in a special word of thanks to Irina for all the help that she’s generously showering on Kate. He arrived to her place with a bottle of wine to thank her. Since Kate has made him promise that he won’t meet her before she is satisfied with her metamorphosis, Jeffrey visited Irina when he knew Kate wouldn’t be around. Now that is what I call commitment to a loved one.

Jeffrey also took the pains to highlight to Irina what his parents liked and didn’t. He told Irina about his background and the way he has been brought up and all that. Irina took note of everything and thanked Jeffrey for the information. When I got to know all this, I was dumb-struck. All for love! They are really taking it seriously and acting like professional trainers training a commando or something! I have seen people go through a lot of changes to accommodate their loves in their lives, but more often than not, the changes have been forced or involuntary. I have rarely seen anyone hit the grind to bring about such a positive change with such gusto. Way to go Kate and Jeffrey, for supporting each other. And of course, their love for each other is unparalleled. They’re the true love birds that I’ve seen and I’ve seen their relationship grow. I really loved that process. I just wish I had someone like that with me, next to me.

Have A Great Day

After spending that fun-filled weekend with me, Rachael, Emily and Ethan have become the best of friends. They keep in touch over the phone and pester their parents to let them meet up. I am not out of this “circle” as well. These kids really make me have a great day, whatever my mood may be. They have fun, they see to it that people around them are having a great time as well. What amazes me is their maturity and sense of responsibility. Naughty as they may be, but I have never seen them break a thing or leave the room in a mess. I mean, after a party at my place, my own friends make life more difficult for me than these kids do.

They somehow feel I have all the time in the world to fix things up for them and they always turn to me when they need help! I am the go-between, fixing meetings for them, or taking them somewhere. I feel like I’m the “designated adult” here and both the moms don’t seem to mind! The latest craze is the preparation for Halloween! The three co-conspirators have decided to celebrate Halloween together and their first choice is, where else, my place! We went out to pick some pumpkins for decorations and carving out jack-o’-lanterns. So the three asked, well more like just stated and decreed that my place was their headquarters for trick or treating. Their favorite place and the first place to hit is of course Mrs. Bradley’s apartment for her home baked cookies. The gang wants to hit the bell early while they’re hot!

I thought of trying to get out of the hassle of arranging this Halloween thing, but I don’t think I can. They always help me with cleaning things up before they leave. And they always insist on doing things on their own way. They call for help only when things are beyond their control, which is rarely the case. I have a great day when they drop by and I’m looking to have a great Halloween, too. So stay tuned on all the Halloween madness!

I talk so much about these kids but I realize that I’ve never come up with a Zen quote for children. This week I’ll make amends. Here’s a quote by Stacia Tauscher for all those children out there: “We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today.” This quote is totally appropriate for these and all self-respecting, responsible kids. Don’t you think so?

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Until next week!

Editor, 123Greetings

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One thought on “Editor Bob says, “Hey!”

  1. I have some pleasant thoughts would like to share with my friend online through Bob’s blog-

    this is for you my dear friend and here are my thoughts:

    I treasure my friend when i had lunch in the park. Not the food i ate, but the true friendship from the start. The fruit was truly fresh, as the cherry pie was freshly baked.
    I tasted each bite innocently without understanding what was inside the recipe.
    I wish one day my heart will never subside
    and deep down inside my friendships will never die. Until then, wishing you a blessing night and life although we’re apart.

    good night friend.

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