Happy Sweetest Day from Editor Bob

Hey you,

Have you ever thought what genuine appreciation of someone’s quality can do to your interpersonal relationships? I was reading this book where the author says that we must appreciate the good qualities in others. That makes you a better person. I think that’s an accurate observation. Taking his cue, I have been practicing this for a couple of days now. I received new enthusiasm in the form of a phone call…

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  Boss’s Day [Oct 16]

Remember Steve and his two interns? Now they are back to college after the summer. I received a call from one of them just as I was piling things up to leave for the day. It took me some seconds to realize who the person on the other end of the phone was. Then he introduced himself in some detail and I knew who I was talking to. He said, “Bob, we want to do something special for Steve on Boss’s Day! He was a great boss to us, ya know?”

I was pleasantly surprised but was very happy at the same time. These guys were actually planning to do something for their former boss, despite the fact that they have no real reason to come down all the way to New York. They wanted to see Steve and express their gratitude. I was so touched! You don’t see that everyday, people taking extra effort and coming up with a plan to appreciate someone, let alone one of my closest buddies. I promised them all the support they need. Of course, it would be a surprise. Steve is a person who hates being the focus of attention. If he comes to know his interns are planning something on Boss’s Day, he’ll surely make a getaway. I decided to meet up with the interns over the weekend to chalk out the plans. Stay tuned friends, you’ll want to know how Steve reacts.

Sweetest Day [Oct 18]

Mrs. Bradley looks very happy nowadays. She has a smile going that is sweet and so full of lovingness. Her grandson had come over for the weekend with his parents. Now the chap wouldn’t leave his sweet grandma. His parents had to get back without him. Incidentally, Rachael was with me over the weekend as well. Yes, with her new pup! Liz went out of town with her husband for a conference and I had to babysit. I was not really needed when all these people got together. Oh, I was forgetting the Big Brother – Kong.

Kong had an almost paternal attitude towards Rachael, her pup and Mrs. Bradley’s grandson! Mrs. Bradley played around with them. She didn’t look any older than the other kids. She certainly has the energy and patience with these errant children and over-enthusiastic pets. Rachael tried her best to drill some sense into the proceedings but she was overpowered easily. Mrs. Bradley herself was all against any sort of reason or order. She indulged the gang with cookies and other delicacies. Before you ask, yes I got generous fills too! She was really sweet to bear all the mess they created in her house and garden with a smile. We had to keep chasing the pup because he started chewing things. But, at the end of it all, we all had a fabulous weekend. All thanks to the ever-sweet Mrs. Bradley.

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New beginnings seem to continue with full gusto! After the big fight between Kate and Irina over Kate’s engagement plans and the subsequent patch-up between them, the friendship between the two have taken a new twist. Kate is convinced somehow that Irina can make her look, feel and act in a more sophisticated way, just what Jeffrey’s parents want. She reasons that she’s not changing herself for someone, she’s only trying to be a better Kate. I’m not sure of her reason, but I’m not someone who would stop things from progressing in a positive direction either. If she learns a trick or two about make-up from Irina, what’s the harm?

The news is that Kate is not being contended with a trick or two about makeup. She’s doing a sort of internship with Irina! She’s going to the gym, having healthy food, and the works! Irina has never been happier. She couldn’t believe that someone would actually want to take her advice seriously. She’s putting in her best as well. There’s some girl bonding happening here folks! To give Kate company, Irina is doing the grind as well. The two friends are hell-bent on making themselves mirror-cracking material. Last I heard was that they were out shopping and the only thing Kate did was carry a few bags. Everything for her was instructed by Irina. Oh, Kate told Jeffrey that they are not meeting for sometime, till she is satisfied with her new look. I just hope I recognize Kate after her makeover!

And that’s not all folk! Irina is teaching Kate the finer points about table manners and body language. They are poring over self-help books and making sure they leave no stone unturned in their efforts. Phew! What I like best is that the two of them are striking up this great friendship between them. Who could have thought this day would come after what happened on that girls’ day out. This is what my friends are, folks! They fight, they crib but when they bond, they get along like a house on fire.

Change Your Life

With all this going around, there is one person who’s fighting a private war with his own bad habit–Rick. Yes friends, he’s showing great courage in kicking the puff good bye forever. He has these nicotine urges from time to time, but he’s showing exemplary control. He’s got Kaitlin by his side who is the inspiration behind his resolve. She’s very proud of him and makes no bones about the fact that Rick is on to something that will not only change his life for the better, but make their future brighter as well.

I have been calling him off and on with inspirational quotes that I collect for him. Other friends are backing him as well. So he’s got plenty of inspiration on his side. But the most important part is that he wants to change his life and has the reins strongly in his hands. That is something that we are so proud of. If you are looking to quit a bad habit, now is the time. Just give it up and see the difference. I published Jason’s story and there were many of you who got inspired. Rick is another example to kick that bad habit. Go for it Rick!

Time to wrap up folks. I picked up this quote of Voltaire, the great French philosopher and writer: “Appreciation is a wonderful thing: it makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well.” It sums up the exact thought that I wanted to convey at the start of this newsletter. Start following this quote and you’ll see the difference real soon.

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So long!

Editor, 123Greetings

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13 thoughts on “Happy Sweetest Day from Editor Bob

  1. Hello Bob,
    Want to let you know that I love your weekly newsletter. It is very up-lifting and really cheers up after a rough day at work. It is a nice reminder of what is really important – family, friends, relationships.
    Take care and keep on blogging! (:


  2. Bob,

    I was about to trash your email thinking it was one of 200 spams and scams I get per day.

    The word sweetest stuck in my brain and I thought you were an international friend of mine wishing me a Happy Birthday two days early.

    I found your newsletter revealing and uplifting. I loved the story of the two young men who put together with your help a celebration for their previous boss.

    I do a great deal of mentoring of young people around the world. It is very easy to do since they are ALL unfocused. I have a three step focusing plan for them. At first they feel it is limiting and then they actively participate. Next, I teach them how to network to achieve their goals, not just to build a network.

    Thanks again for the nice email.


  3. Hey,

    while people are all “UNFOCUSED” how could it be easy to mentoring them?

    that’s too complicated to understand.

  4. Email newsletter is dumb. I don’t know you. I only like to send cards. You could have just mentioned “Sweetest Day” and any other day, other than telling us about people we don’t know. Sorry, but I don’t have time in my life to read about people I don’t know & who don’t know me.

  5. Thanks Bob. Always looking forward to next “newsy” newsletter. As I told you before, we live out in the boonies, away out on the west coast. Quite uneventful, nice, peaceful and quiet. A lot different than the big city so is good to hear what you are doing and what is hapening on the east coast.
    Sincerely Tom

  6. Thought I would send this little e mail to you to say I like getting your little amusing stories. I live in a village just outside York in North Yorkshire. England. Hope you receive this O.K. Regards to you and keep the newsletter coming. Les Buchanan

  7. Bob, today is my 65ht birthday. It is now almost bedtime, but I had a very good day with three of my best friends.

    Just want to tell you how much I enjoy your weekly newsletter. It has inspired my more than once. Please know that I look forward to it.

    Keep up the good work!

  8. As i read a short two page story for the day, i suddently thought of you, Editor boB…

    My thought was “SOME PEOPLE ARE TRULY BORN TO WRITE” and you are one of them…

    I bet you, when you were little and still at your school age, your mother must be very proud of you because i bet you must have taken honor class in English. didn’t ya?

    good night Bob!

  9. Thanks Bob. I got it after your advice. Your newsletter has become a part of my life. I really enjoy reading it. A lots of happiness to you and your friends. Take care!

  10. If life is a song,
    then who can write words into a song?
    When a song is written wrongly,
    then who can sing those words?

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