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My Dear Sisters, Brothers and Friends,

Week by week the measure of my life is full of love and the reason is you. I am thankful for all your comments on the blog and for the newsletters. I wish our cards are making you all smile more as we intended. With that said, let’s move on to the purpose of this newsletter.

International Women’s Day [Mar 8]

Heard of women power?

Who is the most patient, powerful and impossibly humble person in the whole wide world?


Who is the most understanding and forgiving soul that ever graced earth?


Who is the patient partner in crime and a sympathetic soul ever created?


Where there is a woman, there is no lack of happiness. She knows how to create happiness and knows how to spread it to her dear and near ones even if it is at her expense. She wouldn’t mind. She doesn’t expect.

This is expected of her.

A man who doesn’t understand this fact is not a complete man. In the larger scheme of things, woman was created to rule the man and his world subtly, while man was created as an afterthought by God, is what I believe. I am sure you will agree.

Holi 2016 [Mar 23]

Send Holi Greetings!

Send Holi Greetings!


Send Family Greetings!

Send Family Greetings!


Send Inspirational Greetings!

Send Inspirational Greetings!

Holi [Mar 8]

I had a taste of some good Bollywood music. Wondering how? Well, an Indian colleague of mine invited me over to celebrate Holi at his place. Festival of colors and great dancing. We had some substance that provoke hysterical laughter and had a whale of time dancing to the tunes that were very catchy.

I was goofy eyed all day grinning from ear to ear and throwing colors at anyone and everyone.

A beautiful day spent with good friends and new culture. The harmony between the families and the love and care that permeated the whole event was a sight to behold.

I have taken keen interest on knowing their culture more and it is an education I would love to pursue.

Color the world the way I did… Go play Holi!


When you do something like that… It is personal but there are a few in your life who need to be told about it. I told mom, dad and sister.

Both were understanding and I could see that my family was proud of me.

I felt proud and may be a little bit of selfishness peeped in… The kind of selfishness that rears its head when you do a noble gesture. I didn’t like it, but I didn’t mind.

It’s good to be proud sometimes and spread the word. Maybe someone else would be affected by it and would do the same.

This is one gesture that I wish you guys too will follow.


Here’s my moment of Zen:

No one in this world or another can make you do something that you don’t want to do.

That’s a fact. Never give excuses.

Take someone as an inspiration, but not as an excuse for your failings.

You learn that lesson and you will never need another one.

Take care,

Editor Bob

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