Finding Happiness In Little Things

The sun is barely out these days and it is so cloudy here in Big Apple. Both Aaliyah and I were at Mrs. Bradley’s garden enjoying our first cup of coffee. They say that happiness is a state of mind. Indeed! Spending time with Mrs. Bradley reassured this statement once again. Seldom have I ever seen her without that spark in her eyes! It was the same that day as well!

“You look so happy Mrs. Bradley! What happened?” asked Aaliyah. “Oh, nothing special! I am so happy to see the January flowers blooming in my garden. They look so beautiful,” she expressed.

“Yes, they do!” I replied. “You know Bob, it doesn’t cost us a fortune to be and stay happy. We can find joy in the little things that encompass us. It can be as simple as waking up to the first ray of the sun or making myself coffee every morning. Not to forget, enjoying it with my favorite cookies,” she said.

“That is so true! I remember how solving Rubik’s cube during my school days gave me immense joy. Currently making Kong’s bed at night and cooking the Sunday brunch makes me delighted,” I expressed.

“What about you Aaliyah?” asked Mrs. Bradley. “I feel happy when I am appointed as the photographer in our intimate gatherings. Capturing moments and expressions is so priceless! I also love collecting fancy stationery for Bob,” she expressed. Listening to this, I gave Aaliyah a peck on her cheek. Then after finishing our hot beverages, we went inside to make some fancy Italian brunch for the day.

Our conversation made me reflect on the fact that how simple life is! We are often told to ‘think big’ or life will feel good only when we ‘achieve that dream’. It’s as if we were just born to relentlessly strive for something profound to be happy. That only makes us get exhausted and lifeless!  How many times have we been asked to enjoy the daily flow of life? Not many times!

We are here to live and not merely exist. It’s time that we start appreciating the little pleasures in life and have gratitude. Let us learn and get into the habit of experiencing joy in the little things that we do or come across. Hey! How about enjoying an aimless banter with your friend or trying that new recipe or enjoying the cotton candies? Do it and see. Let me know how it feels!

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